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Renato Ramonda
Nautilus Templates

Various Gnome Stuff by satempler 11 comments

I partly agree: I edited them to have the standard shebang line at the top, so they are actually useful (why call something a python script if it does not have the #!/usr/bin/env python line on top?). - Aug 01 2006
Fun Fonts

Fonts by SeanParsons 15 comments

Open a Nautilus (filemanager) folder, preferably the one you have put the fonts in, than press CTRL-L and insert fonts:// as the location. Now press Enter.

Drag the font files inside the new window.

That's it :-)

The same functionality is accessible through the font configuration program of gnome, but I cannot remember the click-by-click path. - Apr 12 2006
nvidia-settings Gnome

Icon Sub-Sets by temet69nosce 4 comments

Could you please contact Nvidia giving them these info, and the Icon?

Sould not be so hard for them to include it in the official package. - Dec 05 2005

GDM Themes by flx 2 comments

They are simply BlueCurve icons turned transparent and monochrome. - Oct 27 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by mavvert 23 comments

This is exactly what I was lookin for: I searched for a long time for a kde icon theme that did not look childish, glossy, iper-coloured or all the three together.

Now we have this, and based on my favorite gnome icon theme, too!

I encourage you to use as many gperfection2 icons as possible: that theme is really good.

And let the author of gperfection2 know: it will be a wonderful addition to the gperfection "family" of themes! - Aug 17 2005
GDM Fedora Core 2

GDM Themes by saki 6 comments

I can confirm this: I run at 1280x1024 and the icons for session, language, etc are in the wrong place. - Aug 17 2004