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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements

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Apr 01 2008
This is the best software I have heard.

Great job. - Apr 01 2008

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Apr 02 2007
Actually, wordtrans does not support Babylon glossaries (.bgl), it only supports Babylon dictionaries (.dic). This is a old format for Babylon program (v3.x).

Ricardo Villalba (developer of Wordtrans) was the one that sent me the work from Karl Grill, the one that reverse engineered the bgl format. - Feb 15 2007
Sorry for delay.
KTranslator can search in wikipedia through 'Search in Internet' button. Integrating the wikipedia like babylon 6 does is a feature to be added in the future. - Jul 01 2006
This is because KDE doesn't found the plugins.
Try to run kbuildsycoca (in konsole).
If it doesn't work, restart KDE. - Apr 29 2006
The problem is that the .idx file is compressed. I haven't make the code to handle this type of file yet.
If you decompress the .idx file (slovnyk_en-ru.idx.gz), it works well. I've just tried it here. - Mar 30 2006
Can you send me the dictionary you are trying to load ? Send to my email, please. - Mar 29 2006
If you tell me what's wrong I can help you. Only saying that the plugin doesn't work won't help. - Mar 25 2006
KTranslator has 2 plugins to select a word.

In the first (the one you use - clipboard), you have to send the word to clipboard, like "copy and paste". If you click 2 times, you select the word. If you click 3 times, you select the line. This is a KDE feature, not KTranslator feature.

This plugin works by scanning the clipboard. If something is send to clipboard, the plugin verifies if the "special" key is pressed. If yes, the plugin sends the word to be translated.

In second (OCR), you should have the gocr program and you select by right clicking in the word. - Mar 22 2006
I'm planning how to add this feature.

You can add new words by now creating a Plain Text dictionary.

The format of this type of dictionary is a word per line:
headword[TAB]definition - Mar 22 2006
I have noted it. Sometimes the popup window is too small.
I have tried the auto resizing before, but the window became too large sometimes.
I will code it. - Feb 06 2006
Yes, it's wrong. So much things to do before a release. Sometimes some errors are left behind.
It is now fixed in SVN and will be corrected in next version (0.4).
Thanks. - Feb 03 2006
What kind of mistake you are talking about?? Internally, KTranslator try to use UTF-8 as much as possible. - Feb 03 2006
I've been doing it. This version has some checkings, but I will improve that. - Feb 03 2006
To compile any package, you need the devel packages installed, but acl is not a dependency of KTranslator. This should be a dependency of KDE. - Jan 31 2006
This seems to be a problem with gocr. It is in beta stage yet.
To have a better results, you can change the font and font size or contribute with the project. - Jan 31 2006
There is a plugin for StarDict, but I haven't finish it yet. It should be in next version or I will release as separate package. - Jan 31 2006
Strange. Now I can reproduce the problem here. Thanks for report.
Well, it seems that the problem only occurs with webster dictionary, as with the others (eng-tur and wordnet) it works well.
Are the eng-tur and tur-eng dictionaries working well??
Please, use the wordnet dictionary instead webster. I will investigate why webster is not working. - Jan 17 2006
Strange. I have just downgraded to KTranslator 0.3 (I use the svn version) and don't see any problem.
Did you try with another dictionary ?? Or another type of dictionary??
What happens if you try to translate using the main window ??
Can you compile with debug option and send me the messages ??
USE="debug" emerge ktranslator - Jan 16 2006
Put the ebuild in ${PORTDIR_OVERLAY}/app-misc/ktranslator/ directory and do this:

emerge -f ktranslator
ebuild ${PORTDIR_OVERLAY}/app-misc/ktranslator/ktranslator-0.x.ebuild digest
emerge ktranslator - Jan 13 2006
What version you use?? What distribution?? Are you translating the word using the ocr plugin or the clipboard plugin??
There was a bug like this that is now fixed. - Jan 13 2006
Good idea. I will code this. Thanks. - Jan 13 2006
I have implemented it. It (changing the font and font size) will be in the next version. - Oct 24 2005
I want it too, but I don't have enough time to learn to reverse engineer it, so I forget it.
Now, I realize that if we concentrate in making the open source dictionaries evolve, it would be better than support proprietary formats. - Sep 21 2005
Please, try to compile the latest version. Several compile errors was fixed in the newer versions. - Sep 16 2005
The ding dictionary is not supported by ktranslator yet. I plan to code a plugin for it in the future. - Sep 16 2005
I have added the option to disable the need for pressing a modifier key to translate a word. See it in next version. - Sep 14 2005
I didn't know that. I've just changed the code.
Thanks. - Sep 13 2005
contact me by email. - Sep 13 2005
I didn't ask it. What is the version you are using? - Sep 12 2005
Send me your config file. It is in $HOME/.kde/share/config/ktranslatorrc. - Sep 11 2005
>I want to select word, and after that see translation,

Remove these lines in ktranslator-0.3/ktranslator/uiplugins/clipboard/ktranslator_clipboard.cpp:

#ifdef KDE_3_4
if( /*config::needControl() &&*/ ! ( kapp->keyboardMouseState() & button ) ) return;
if( /*config::needControl() &&*/ ! ( kapp->keyboardModifiers() & 4 ) ) return;

But I don't think this is a good idea. The need for pressing a key is for KTranslator try to translate only what you want. Not everything.
If more people want to remove this feature, I will add a option to remove it. Maybe disabled by default. The commented code is to implement this option.

>It is work, so it is a beautiful.

Yes, it works, but have some flaws. Most of these flaws the user don't see anyway.

>OCR software work too slow

I gave you the option. As I said before, if you don't like the OCR, don't use it. Another person do like it. Me too. Open Source is about freedom.
The way stardict uses is already implemented. - Sep 11 2005
The "behavior" of stardict is already made, since version 0.1. This is the "Watch the clipboard" feature (clipboard plugin). The stardict team uses the same way to get the clipboard changes, check it every interval of time. Ugly hack, but with we Xwindows can't do better.
If you don't like the OCR plugin, please, disable it. I mantain the clipboard plugin because what you call "strange work".
And remember that gocr is a beta software. Maybe you can help the gocr team to improve the software. It is open source community. - Sep 10 2005
Here it works well.
See this screenshot:
This screenshot is now in KTranslator webpage.
What do you think is wrong?? - Sep 10 2005
Here it works well.
See this screenshot:
This screenshot is now in KTranslator webpage.
What do you think is wrong?? - Sep 10 2005
Here it works well.
See this screenshot:
This screenshot is now in KTranslator webpage.
What do you think is wrong?? - Sep 10 2005
Are there any problem with that?? I choose KTranslator because it is intuitive, but if I have to change, no problem.
I've heard of KTranslator before, but I remember that this project has changed the name. - Sep 08 2005
You can do this by adding a dictionary English-French and another English-Chinese. You can add any number of dictionaries and KTranslator will search in all.
The only problem is that KTranslator should read and index the dictionaries in start, so the more dictionaries you have, the slower Translator starts. - Sep 08 2005
It is already implemented. Now you can choose between Shift, Control, Alt and the Win Key.
See in next version. - Sep 02 2005
1 - Did you asked if it works in amd64?? I don't know. It should as I've used basically the Qt functions. Can you test it?? I don't have a amd64 :(
2 - I don't know what happening. All ebuilds use mirror://sourceforge. It works very well here. I have test it. Maybe a bug of portage. - Sep 01 2005
You can disable the watching of clipboard in configuration or click with middle button in system tray. I didn't say it before.
I have to stop to code for a while and write a manual. - Aug 30 2005
Stardict uses the same format that DICT with some small differences. I will study more the stardict and make a plugin for it. - Aug 29 2005

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Apr 03 2006
No, it doesn't depends on unsermake. I haven't it installed here.
Maybe configure checks for its presence and use it, but it is not a dependency. - Apr 05 2006
Done. Thanks. - Apr 05 2006
Done. Thanks. - Apr 03 2006
I have stopped the development for a while. I have so busy lately.
This will not be included in KDE 3.5. Maybe in KDE 4.0, but I can't guarantee. - Jan 16 2006
I will check this.
Thanks. - Jan 16 2006

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Apr 05 2006
Sorry, but this kioslave is far from ready.
I should to rewrite the kioslave to use the 7-zip library directly instead using the 7za program and this will take some time.
Using the 7za program leads to some limitations. - Apr 05 2006
My fault. I forgot to include the mimetype.
Thanks for the report. - Apr 05 2006
This is a bug in this version. Sorry. I will release a new version with fix. - Jan 16 2006

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Feb 07 2006
The plugin that decompress the archives (arkplugin) is in kdeaddons. When you have upgraded, maybe you forgot to upgrade the kdeaddons package.
No problem. Make new service menus. Great. - Jan 13 2006
elementary USU

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