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Ricardo Fernandes Barcelos, Portugal
PlaybaK (aka KDE Media Player)

Video Apps by gilfcp10 146 comments

Hey congratulations for this project. Its really nice.

(Posso tentar adivinhar que sejas Português e do FCP :))

I would like to tell you some opinions i have about the UI:

The frame that you placed in the header that as a buttons for play,back and forward its not necessary since you have already that controls in the player main frame with a very nice style i can say.

Also the lyrics part in the same header could be placed in the video frame. Then you get more place for the rest and you unify the main frame UI.

Mais uma vez parabéns. - May 26 2010

Graphic Apps
by Noughmad

Score 50.0%
May 28 2010