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Peter Svirschevsky Moscow, Russian Federation
ALSA Volume Control plasmoid

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by F1ash
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Apr 01 2014
Great plasmoid! I put it on panel near system tray and can change volume without opening KMix and it's great! But it's a pity that it's impossible to change size of this plasmoid. I can change size of it when I put it to desktop, but it is small in panel mode. Can you add this function in plasmoid settings please? - May 31 2011
WoW Realm Status monitor

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by sp1
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Dec 16 2010
I advice you to install Sidux in Virtual Box. It is Linux distribution based on Debian Sid and after installation you can do "apt-get dist-upgrade" and you will have complete Debian Sid with latest KDE 4.4.3. :) I installed it on my work computer and very glad about it, because Kubuntu had several annoying bugs. - Jun 01 2010
Hi! When I upgraded my Kubuntu to 10.04 with KDE 4.4.3, your plasmoid started to work incorrectly. For example, online/offline status icons are dissappeared and notification window shows nothing. I sent you screenshot of it on your email. Can you fix it please? - Jun 01 2010
Can you update screenshot "russian-mode.jpeg" on your site? Translation of settings window on it shows incorrectly. You made it when you used Google translater, I have already fixed incorrect translation. :) New Russian visitors of your site may think, that I'm very bad in English. :) - Mar 26 2010
I noticed that KNotification splash window is too small when Blizzard write too long alert. I sent screenshot with it on your email. Can you add vertical scroll bar to it or make this window larger? - Mar 24 2010
Hi! I noticed my own bug in localization. I fixed it and sent you updated ru.po file to email. Please, apply it in next version.
And don't forget with every new version change file metadata.desktop. I noticed in string
is still version 1.3 :) - Mar 24 2010
I noticed another bug in last 3.0 build. I can't input servers list. Region field is now empty by default and even I select "EU" and input list "Свежеватель душ, Boulderfist, Разувий", they don't appear in main area. - Mar 20 2010
I sent you on email my updated translation. I translated everything in file and corrected translations of some strings. Waiting for test it. :)
BTW, default size of main area is bad again and I didn't find previous string that you showed to fix. I found strings

size_width = 340
size_height = 140

and tried to fix them, but default size didn't change. How to change default size in new code before you'll fix it finally? - Mar 20 2010
I couldn't continue in previous thread, it's strange...
I installed your version 3.0 with my localization. Main area looks brilliant! But there are some bugs. At 1st, settings window is still in English. And all text in KNotification configuration was dissappeared. I made 2 screenshots and sent them on your email, can you see them? - Mar 19 2010
Ok, I'll see them, but please, check your email, I have already sent you my translation. - Mar 19 2010
Hi! Thank you that you agreed my idea. :) I saw *.mo files in your pre 3.0 version, but I understood nothing because I don't know Python. However I have experience in programming on other languages, but I don't know syntax of these *.mo files. :)
Let me write translation text of your interface (main window, settings window and KNotify configuration) on your email and you will copy+paste them in right places in your code. I'll write you tomorrow at my work. - Mar 18 2010
I don't really need this because I'm good in English, but if you want to link your plasmoid to current localization of Linux distribution I'm ready to help you to translate all interface into Russian. Others may be join to translate it into other languages. However, I don't know Python, I can just translate all texts in interface and write them right in these comments and you will be able to copy+paste it in code. If you want this, I'm ready to help you. :) - Mar 17 2010
>> new passive pop-ups notifying of expected downtime alerts and realm transfers openings for monitored realms

Oh, sorry, I understood what you meant. I thought, you released idea about these alerts ( ). Everything is ok. :) - Mar 17 2010
You can do it, but somebody perhaps won't like it. I have universal idea. Just add possibility to change resolution of main area in settings window. Users without programing experience will be able to change it themselves. Something like this:
Default resolution
X: <small textarea> Y: <small textarea> - Mar 17 2010
I didn't notice any new notification except exist one, that servers are down in Wednesday. If you mean alerts, then I don't know how to see them through your plasmoid. - Mar 17 2010
Super! I corrected default size of main area on desktop and horizontal and vertical bars don't appear. :) Thanks! By the way, 360x160 is optimal resolution, imho. Don't forget that German realms also have long names. ;) - Mar 17 2010
Hi, it's me again. :) Where can I find in code size of main area with list of servers? I want to increase size of it by default because my servers names are too long and vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear when KDE started. I know, I can resize it by clicking on icon at right of plasmoid but after next reboot size appear by default again. I want to change this default. :)
It may be my own problem, that's why I ask you just show, where in code I can change size myself. - Mar 15 2010
Good idea, and Russian version is also here:

:) - Mar 04 2010
Now it works! Thanks very much! :) I downloaded archive from your site and everything work correctly! - Mar 04 2010
Sorry, but it still doesn't work. Look at screenshot, what shows instead of "Свежеватель душ" that I inputed and pressed OK button. - Feb 26 2010
Thanks, I'm waiting for your update. :) - Feb 21 2010
Why does not Russian realms support? When I try to input "Свежеватель душ" in EU tab, nothing happens. - Feb 18 2010
Blue Serenity

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by jek
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Mar 14 2009
Nice wallpaper for my computer at work. :) - Apr 12 2010
Mini Player

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by Emdek
Score 82.0%
Jul 01 2012
Your player is cool, I like it! But it has one small disadvantage, it can't submit what I listen to Can you add scrobbler to it, please? - Jul 18 2009
Blue Serenity

Wallpaper Other
by jek

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Apr 12 2010
WoW Realm Status monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions
by sp1

Score 58.6%
Mar 22 2010