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Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

possible to get a version without all the kde dependencies? sort of like how kid3 offers kid3-qt, or some other way? - Jun 20 2014
Menu Screenlet

Conky by Whise 29 comments

hello, i really like this screenlet. i'm looking to do away with my gnome panel.

but the 'Quit, shutdown, or restart dialog...' button in the bottom right corner only gives me the 'Log Out' and 'Switch User' options. i don't get the 'Shutdown' 'Restart' 'Suspend' or 'Hibernate' options that i get when i go to 'System' menu, 'Shutdown'. Can you include these? the 'Lock Screen' option isn't there either. (alternatively maybe you could just include the entire 'System' menu, rather than just the 'Preferences' and 'Administration' submenus?)

thanks - Mar 13 2009
Clock Ring Screenlet

Conky by gruppler 18 comments

hi, first of all, LOVE IT. especially the 24hr face functionality.

i hope this isn't the same as Matiee's comment (didn't understand it perfectly), but i'm wishing that i could have the option for no hour block to be lit between 12midnite and 1am. I do think of it as 'zero' or 'new day, haven't completed one hour yet'. in other words, when i look at my cell phone right now which is set to 24 hour time, it says "00:52", not "24:52". is this making sense? is there an easy way i can reprogram clockring myself to reflect this?
thanks - Mar 13 2009
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Mar 13 2009