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Plasma 4 Extensions by svenstorp 130 comments

I had two quicklaunches with similar names (Thunderbird & thunderbird). Unfortunately, the applet only showed the 'wrong' one (Thunderbird: icon is invisible, binary does not exist to launch).
It's impossible to remove 'Thunderbird' by rightclick->remove on the blank icon, this seems to remove 'thunderbird', and the applet doesn't display the other icon. Readding the application through the launcher recreates 'thunderbird', and I'm back to square one.

Got round it by finding and deleting 'Thunderbird' manually. Could probably also do it by removing thunderbird, refreshing the applet somehow (reboot?) then removing Thunderbird, but didn't try this.


% ls ~/.local/share/applications/
Firefox.desktop Sunbird Calendar.desktop thunderbird.desktop Thunderbird.desktop

- Dec 09 2008