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Robert Rosman , Sweden
Plasma 4 Extensions

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

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Sep 08 2010
I'd wish I could make that happen. The problem is that it's coded in JavaScript, and is just using a small plasmoid, based on Web Snippet to show the webpage. As far as I know there is no way to store files on the computer using JavaScript, except for via ajax, and then you need a localhost :/

But I agree, too many online apps, so the best would be to make both ;) - Sep 09 2010
Thanks for feedback!
I really get your point. Actually, I struggled for way to long to get akonadi and KOrganizer to work, and therefore I created this app. I already had Apache up and running so it was easier for me.

But as you say, it could be very useful to store the lists online. I really like the point of synchronizing with a smart phone.

I'll see what I can do about it. - Sep 09 2010