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Breeze GRUB2 theme

GRUB Themes 34 comments

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Sep 13 2018
Like smile96, zoomed and pixelated, seems to be the font. I change the number in the theme.txt to "Hack 12" but doesn't seem to make a difference, do I need to do something else? I know you probably not working on this anymore but any hints would be appreciated. This grub theme looks great! - May 23 2020
Win7 Show Desktop

Plasma 5 Applets 32 comments

by Zren
Score 81.4%
Apr 14 2020
It works now, apparently it needed me to restart the DE. Thanks! - Nov 17 2019
Thanks, I updated but it looks the same to me... - Oct 29 2019
I can barely see it using Breeze dark but when I place it at the rightmost edge of the panel ala win7 it works perfectly. Maybe you should try to make it look a little bit raised, like the windows one? Screenshot: - Sep 30 2019

Full Icon Themes 86 comments

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Jul 01 2020
Great to finally see a faenza fork. I wish this project can become as successful and established as faenza once was. Thanks! - Nov 19 2017
Obsidian Icon Theme

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May 29 2020
I'd be glad to try it. I expect many people would. I don't know why a faenza fork doesn't exist yet to be honest. It's very much needed. - Nov 14 2017
I disagree, the point would still stand though: not faenza-esque. But now we know that keeping it faenza isn't the point of Obsidian. - Nov 14 2017
I had the wrong impression about the goal of this project then, my bad.

Regarding Faenza continuation: That is excellent news! I'm looking forward to the first release. - Nov 13 2017
This should be considered a bug but it was probably what you intended: the folders and many other new icons don't have the Faenza look. Faenza wasn't just another icon theme: it stood for something. It stood against all the other flashy (read: blurry) icons out there. I think that with much of the icons you have designed yourself you have shown that you are missing the point. I hope you can reconsider this design choice because a Faenza fork is very much needed and Obsidian is very good despite these shortcomings. In the meantime I've resorted to using Faenza Ambience from my repositories under ubuntu 17.10 and modifying it to inherit from Obsidian. That way Obsidian provides the icons it doesn't support but when it does the classic Faenza option is chosen. - Nov 12 2017
Oh yeah I forgot to mention that. I'm on ubuntu 16.04.3 now. I just did a clean install from 14.04. - Sep 26 2017
Battery icon for a dell laptop is broken on ubuntu Unity ( The same thing happened with Faenza but the faenza fix hasn't worked quite right (this was the fix: - Sep 26 2017
MediterraneanNight Series

GTK3 Themes 264 comments

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Jun 20 2013
I love this theme and has been using it for years but it needs a serious fork. - Dec 12 2015
For whatever it's worth I found the element. Commenting this:

GtkOrientable {
background-color: @theme_bg_color;

from the gtk-widgets.css file fixed that issue. - Nov 06 2014
This theme has problems on ubuntu 14.04, screenshots highlighting elements that look out of place:

It looks like whatever elements gtk uses for those gtk items are not themed by this theme. My question is, can anyone tell me which are the names of those items so I can update mine? I've already had to update this theme a lot to make it tolerable under ubuntu 14.04, to the author, please review it and see if it can be updated... - Nov 06 2014
How did you do this? How exactly did you edited it? I'm looking at the file but I'm at a loss as to what should be changed. Please help me :( - Nov 02 2014
I got home and could finally tweak this thanks!! I just inverted the tab and tab:active definitions for the old version of your theme that I keep!!! (the one that still keeps a background for active tab tab). Thanks again!!! - Apr 23 2013
Thank you so much. You rock! - Apr 23 2013
Could you please tell me which .css should I modify in order to stablish some kind of light background color to the 'active' tab on nautilus once you have two or more? When you're scrolling a lot of files it can kind of throw you off:

Right now I'm using an older version of your theme that has the tab colors set this way: the only issue with this is that it has the color inverted for the active and inactive tabs (the dark one is the active while you would intuitively expect the lighter to be the one being highlighted). - Apr 22 2013
I tested the Uncomplicated theme and it looks great and the nautilus tabs are highlighted in a more intuitive way. But your current theme used to look like this for me: (it may be effect of the nautlis36.css on nautilus 3.4 tho...) the only problem with that was that the "highlighted" (the one that is on "Uncomplicated") tab was the darker one which is counterintuitive. If the colors are reversed that style would look just perfect.

PS: Please if you can let me know which .css I can modify to have the effect I want right now, I have no clue :( - Mar 11 2013
Sorry for the double post up there. It used to be alright before it just needed a little tweaking in the color of the tabs (the current tab was "highlighted" with a darker color than the ones that weren't) but both tabs had a background, although I don't know how much of that was due to me using the nautilus36.css once I'm home I will post a screenshot and review the uncomplicated theme. - Mar 11 2013
Actually, messing up with the different nautilus options I found out a while back that the style my nautilus was using was a "not intended to be" but I actually do like it better than the others (I even suggested on one comment here that it should be one official style) :D so I stayed with it. Thanks for the suggestion though. - Mar 11 2013
Actually, messing up with the different nautilus options I found out a while back that the style my nautilus was using was a "not intended to be" but I actually do like it better than the others (I even suggested on one comment here that it should be one official style) :D so I stayed with it. Thanks for the suggestion though. - Mar 11 2013
I wonder, wouldn't it be better if the nautilus current tab had it's bottom or floor delineated in some way? Look at this screenshot: the '16' looks like a displaced element of the current folder instead of the name of it. Sometimes it can even get confused with other filenames. If you need me to explain it in spanish let me know. - Mar 11 2013
UNetbootin - Faenza

Icon Sub-Sets 3 comments

Score 67.1%
Jun 07 2011
A really good (and needed) faenza icon. Thanks! - Feb 02 2013
Set Image as Wallpaper Script

Nautilus Scripts 2 comments

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Dec 31 2012
I'm glad you found it useful :) - Dec 31 2012

Full Icon Themes 595 comments

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Sep 05 2017
Hi, I don't know if you use this icon theme with ubuntu (it seems you do) but for some reason the battery icon that appears on ubuntu unity is AWFUL (screenshot:, it is definitely not the faenza icon. The rhtymbox icon too is also the app's own. This seems like a bug to me.

As a separate issue the pidgin icon is static (it doesn't reflect your status) but I got around it by deleting the pidgin icon from the theme entirely (it wasn't enough to delete the smaller ones). - Dec 21 2012
Ambiance Blue Theme Suite

Gnome Shell Themes 47 comments

Score 64.8%
May 30 2012
From what I could see is a great theme but sadly doesn't seem to work on ubuntu 12.10 (the theme wasn't available on the ppa for this version either). Review this screenshot: look at the bookmarks menu, the text area looks colorless, and this happens on all menus. I reviewed and I have the murrine and unico engines installed, don't know if this happens because you're using a different version. - Dec 16 2012
Win2-7 Pack

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Aug 23 2017
How did you get the navigation bar (the one that shows the folder where you are or have been) to look like that? How can you edit it? Default nautilus-elementary has them kind of separated and ugly. - Mar 13 2012
What's the file manager you're using on the first screenshot? The layout of the sidebar is interesting... if it's not w7's how did you manage to get it? - Nov 19 2011

AWN Themes 4 comments

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Feb 29 2012
What is that directory selection widget on the Indicator area? Nice setup. - Mar 04 2012
Faenza Blue - Dark Panels

Full Icon Themes 21 comments

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Nov 28 2011
My pleasure. Thanks :) - Nov 30 2011
Happy to. Link: - Nov 27 2011
Answering myself again the "logout" button from the switch user dialog also had this problem but on this case the system-log-out simbolic link didn't exist. I fixed on my copy of your icon theme but maybe this warrant an update from you... - Nov 27 2011
Ok, I think I found the issue myself. It seems that you were naming the "system-shutdown" icons "system-shut-down". Apparently they don't need the dash in the middle of "shutdown". This is for gnome version found on ubuntu 10.10. I don't know if an Update of gnome is the one 'causing the discrepancy. My 0.025 cents. Thanks for the theme! - Nov 26 2011
Something happened on ubuntu, might be a bug. The shutdown icon that apperas on the "shutdown|restar|suspend" dialog that appears when you press the shutdown button (at least on laptops) is a smaller version (and a different type, judging by the other action's icons) than the one I assumed is the one supposed to be there. Here is a screenshot: - Nov 26 2011
Nautilus Scripts Pack

Nautilus Scripts 22 comments

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Oct 30 2008
Before upgrading ubuntu to the last two last versions I just modified the xmms script as it is in this package but now it doesn't work, just as the one you posted doesn't work. Crap... - Feb 06 2009
Ubuntu Professional

GDM Themes 19 comments

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Feb 19 2010
I uploaded the normal version again. If someone can recommend me another free service to upload it I would appreciate it. The debian version is on my desktop so you'll have to wait, at least 'till early in the night. - Nov 05 2008
I will. Sorry, I didn't knew rapidshare was so "delicate" with its service :) - Nov 02 2008
Yep, check it out: - Oct 29 2008
Don't cry dude :). I was just sayin', just kidding (hint: wink). There's nothing written about taste. But it sure looks more professional than most GDM themes here in my opinion. Since I've searched this site and I found nothing other than this Studio gdm.

- Oct 27 2008
Circle Starts

Icon Sub-Sets 53 comments

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Nov 05 2008
Any how to you could refer me to? - Nov 02 2008
With SUSE's menu I guess....? - Nov 02 2008
How do you make a start icon out of the gnome menus? - Nov 02 2008
No bugs for human beings

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Oct 17 2008
Dude! Who the fuck will put that as wallpaper :D

Good image of a cockroach but not pleasant at all. A cartoon would have been better. - Oct 22 2008
elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes 330 comments

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Apr 09 2010
I'm looking forward to it :D
I'm already subscribed to this content. - Oct 16 2008
Well, I'm looking forward to the 2.0 release but do you have any plan of making .svg of the icons? - Oct 16 2008
Good. Keep up the great work :)
I really like this iconset, and I'm very hard to please :) so thank you. - Oct 12 2008
How can I change the 'start-here' buttom. I don't like the 'e' from elementary in my start-here buttom, I like the ubuntu one. How can I change it? I've been looking for it all over the elementary folder and I've found nothing so far. Where it is?

Also, the icons of the bar (up and down) are a little bit blurry... - Oct 11 2008
Send to...

Nautilus Scripts 54 comments

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Jul 15 2009
There seem to be a problem with NTFS-3G partitions. It does recognize it but the file I send didn't appear on the partition, not that it is useful for me but its just the only removable drive that I have connected at the moment so I tried it out.

Also, if I don't select a partition and cancel the operation it tells me that "the destination doesn't exist or can't be writable" (or something like that, I have the spanish version). - Jun 13 2008
I don't know how they haven't built this feature in Nautilus. Geez, the Gnome-devs are really slow, this is a basic enhancement... That's why I'm thinking about passing to KDE, I'm just waiting for the KDE4 to try it out.

Thanks for the script. - Jun 13 2008
Score 74.3%
9   Apr 23 2013
UNetbootin - Faenza

Icon Sub-Sets
by wish21

Score 67.1%
9   Feb 02 2013