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Mar 29 2009
Hi, and please, use one of the ways mentioned here to get support!

From the link step it's obvious that you do not have the WavPack development headers installed, please refer to the UserManual, compilation section, or the traverso website for the requirements to compile from source.


Remon - Dec 31 2007
Ah I see, there is indeed a problem when opengl is active, though you didn't have to rebuild without opengl suppport. I think you have enabled accelerated drawing in the performance tab in the settings dialog :)

Something that needs to be looked into, painting on an opengl widget could lower the cpu usage, but there seem to be painting issues (small paint offsets) which is beyond our reach. - Aug 09 2007

Sounds as an interesting feature, and do I read it correctly that you are voluntering to add it to Traverso ? :-P

It would be very helpfull if you add this request in the bugtracker at so we can keep track of it!

Thanks for this suggestion

Remon - Aug 08 2007
Hi Temet,

You can select from the available buses as supplied by ALSA or the ones supplied by Jack if you use the jack driver.

Left click on the bus in symbol in the trackpanel, or hit < B > (stands for Bus selection)

If this doesn't solve your problem, please join our support forum at, so we can sort out your problem! - Aug 07 2007

Nice to get some feedback on our project, it would be great if you would join on the forum, mailing lists or otherwise to discuss the matters you mentioned.

One of the problems is that I don't have those programs, nor do I intend to use them in the way you would most likely use them since I'm not a musician that creates music with his computer!

So it's rather hard for me to understand what your needs are, the features that would make traverso rock for you, so communication with users like you is highly appreciated!


Remon - Jun 16 2007
On the one hand, you have a point, on the other hand, if Traverso was to duplicate say audacity or ardour, that wouldn't make sense!

I agree that learning to use Traverso has an initial steep curve, but why do we need to stick to ways of controlling an application invented 20 years ago ?
To mute a Track or AudioClip, I have to point to that tiny little button in other software programs to do a simple action.

In Traverso, the mouse only has to be upon a Track and one key click later, the Track is muted/soloed or whatsoever. The same is true for an AudioClip,so only learning one key makes me do an action on multiple objects _very_fast_ without needing to do very precise mouse movements!

Manufacturers tried to overcome the shortcommings of the mouse by adding more and more "smart buttons" on it.
Odd, you have a keyboard in front of you with ~ 100 keys :-)

Either you love or you hate the concept of Traverso, you need to give it some time...

Have a nice day.

Where did you see buttons then? :-P - Jul 06 2006
Somewhere somehow I knew your name :-)

Took a while before the bell ringed hehe.

I forgot actually what I promised to make for 0.30.0, but I think at least the 24/32 bit handling is there now!

(hopefully you didn't forget to write mr. V. Beluntsov :-P)

Have a nice day! - Jul 05 2006

Might choose keystrokes to common "standards" such as for undo/redo, etc. Might let users configure them somewhere along the line as well since such choices can be quite ideosynchratic and mother-language dependent.

Heh, how could I have forgotten to include this somewhere in the announcement :-)
It's possbible!
I need to create a nice GUI though, for now you have to hand edit the keymap.xml file, but it's quite readable!

Now, for plugins :-)

Yup, and much more stuff.
If you would like to see something in the next release, please post them on the mailinglist or forum!

BTW, not everyone's qmake will work. There is a qmake-qt3 (no!) and qmake-qt4 (that's the one). Better specify than run a qmake which is a symlink to the qt3 which will disable the make totally.

It's mentioned on the compile page, though it needs perhaps more attention.
The Beginners tutorial has a more in depth explanation how to compile Traverso, and it's stated more clearly there you need qmake version 4.

Thanks for you comment!

(So many things changed, I knew I had forgotten the most important stuff hehe) - Jul 05 2006

Yeah it's still hot :-)

Took some time though to get this release out, but things are looking good now!

Qt 4 is such a lovely toolkit, it appeared to be a good decision to switch over too it. Very powerfull functions for multithreading, thread save event posting and much more!

Stay tuned. - Jul 05 2006