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Ruan Strydom JHB, South Africa
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

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Mar 23 2013
A new version coming soon! ;)
Thanks to Ulf Krei├čig (udev)
- Sep 21 2009
I have no problems:
Qt: 4.5.0
KDE: 4.2.70 (KDE 4.2.70 (KDE 4.3 >= 20090415)) "release 1.4"
Plasma Workspace: 0.3

I will compare the code of the other plasmoids with ours. I honestly thought that the bug was fixed. I will have to setup a vm to test.
- May 09 2009
Done - May 04 2009
I, will fix it. - May 04 2009
See above. Maybe in the future, for now just make a theme. ;) - Feb 19 2009
It has a option for making your own theme. Just edit any of the current themes to your liking with something like inkscape and choose it under the theme configuration page of yawp ("from file"). If it looks really nice share it with us. ;) - Feb 19 2009
You should use the "default" theme, if you want it to look like the rest of kde for example stdin. - Feb 19 2009
We are allowed to use accuweather as long as we offer the product for free. - Feb 19 2009
Does it ever update? Try browsing with konqueror to those URL's, you should get XML or the image back. If that works, I honestly don't know?
cheers - Feb 05 2009
This is a bug in kio_http. It was fixed in later release of kde 4.2, I had the same problem and upgrading libkde4 to a later release fixed it. Have a look at - Feb 03 2009
Edit / delete it from your $HOME/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc; then add it again. - Jan 29 2009
Fixed in SVN - Jan 20 2009
Ok, ok, ok. - Jan 18 2009
That is correct. :) It is for day/night. - Jan 18 2009
Click on the emblems, and the day names. Its a nice touch :) ?
Plasma will be slow if the feed is synchronous, we run it asynchronously. - Jan 18 2009
Sorry, could you give me an example of a location that accuweather do not have. I would like to check. Thanks. - Jan 18 2009
Thanks for posting. We will add more services but unfortunately Google does not have all the information. They feed of places like accuweather and and may have a agreement with them. I actually found that accuweather is a lot better, but we will check into it. - Jan 18 2009
Thanks for the nice words, but there is a couple of people whom are experiencing problems. Actually you should see how nice the new kde4.2 one is, I can not find the original link but here is an old version of it:

the kde team never disappoint :) - Dec 19 2008
Very nice :) - Dec 15 2008
True, my bad. Will fix. - Dec 15 2008
Google does the translations when it can determine the locale settings form the http meta data. Check your settings? - Dec 15 2008
It must be unique, use gdb and plasmoidviewer to get a stack trace or run plasma in konsole maybe it will print a message. - Dec 14 2008
I set the font to 'sans sherif', its weird that you have problems. It looks terrible. I will use a different font in the future. - Dec 13 2008
Thank you, I would suggest you save your efforts until it is on sourceforge. - Dec 13 2008
I am running short on time, so once I started with the accuweather version I will add it on sourceforge. If you are a developer you can help speed-up the releases. - Dec 13 2008
Hi there, It appears that you are still running the old version. In 0.0.4 the degrees symbol is fixed. download /; kquitapp plasma; plasma;

let me know, if it not the case. - Dec 12 2008
Can you send me a screen-shot? - Dec 11 2008
Don't worry I only have time for functionality. - Dec 10 2008
I wanted to add that you will see that for instance chance-of-rain and rain has the same icon even though they are completely different conditions; I need a new set of icons. All in time. What would be really cool is animated images like on the htc phones. - Dec 10 2008
I will add accuweather, this will allow me (with a bit of work) to show more accurate weather conditions, including daylight times. - Dec 10 2008
Dude, I don't know anymore. I tested 0.0.4 on different computer with help. Email me directly, and I will try and help you. Maybe there is another bug. - Dec 08 2008
Its coming, thats the reason for the drop-down, but I had to make at least one work first. Sorry. - Dec 08 2008
What versions of kde/qt? It is important. Also you will have to install all the kde development packages. This should install all the cmake scripts. Upgrading your cmake and kde to the latest stable versions also helps. - Dec 08 2008
The fourth time some of you are installing (sorry), I did day that it was incomplete. I want to thank everyone for their input/help so far. - Dec 08 2008
Actually, I just tested it, your country works on 0.0.3, on my computer at least. Check your kde settings. - Dec 08 2008
That is weird, I assume the difference between curl and the kjob stuff is the http parameters? So what do google do with it? - Dec 08 2008
Mail me directly, my email is in the REAME so that I can fix this, thanks.
I need: screen-shots, versions, city / country. :) - Dec 07 2008
Thanks, but it looks like I am the worst programmer ever, you will have to hold on until I fix my crappy code. I will contact you, sorry. - Dec 07 2008
Now I am really confused. - Dec 07 2008
I've sent you a mail as this is getting a bit long, you can get my email in the README.
Have you done a kquitapp plasma; plasma&?
Thanks - Dec 07 2008
joethefox was right, 0xB0 is the code for the degree sign instead of 0xBA. - Dec 07 2008
Damn you are right. - Dec 07 2008
I'm uploading a fix now, but the day's etc will be in english afterwards, unless you could test tr() for me on the day strings etc and let me know if it works.
Also I see that your font is indeed different (the degrees symbol)? Any ideas with regards to that? - Dec 07 2008
I know now what it is. Your browsers local settings are not set to english, so the weather descriptions are in another language - causing the images not being found in the svg. I will look for a fix immediately. - Dec 07 2008

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Apr 25 2013
I love it, I really liked your Baghira theme as well, you always made the best stuff, cant wait for this to reach maturity. - Feb 05 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

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Feb 08 2009
You make a good point ;). I put the functionality in it, but never actually used it. You are right it is very irritating,.. will be fixed in 5 minutes. :) Get it from the svn above /|\ - Feb 03 2009
Howzit, I did fix the build for kde4.2, I did not use your patch I used the cmake file we use in yawp, the download has it in. I run kde 4.2 and it works fine. Or do you mean something else?

Try useing the svn version, the command is above.

Let me know, thanks. - Jan 30 2009
Thanks, I used the cmake file we use for yawp, let me know it should work. - Jan 26 2009
Good idea. I agree. I will try and improve this. - Jan 24 2009
I will fix it, I have been working on yaWP so have not given this any attention.
I use it too. :)

Thanks - Jan 24 2009

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by mbaszczewski

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Feb 24 2009

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Feb 05 2009
STDIN Plasmoid

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Jan 29 2009
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Jan 29 2009