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Ricardo Veguilla

GTK2 Themes by silenteef 41 comments

I've been testing theme since it was originally posted here, and I noticed that in all the releases, the permissions of the gtkrc are set to "-rw------- ", which means that if I try to install this theme globally (/usr/share/themes, for example), only root will be able to use this theme. - Oct 23 2004

GTK2 Themes by rveguilla 3 comments

You want to destroy my theme!! (or what I like about it :)

Now, seriously, I'm not happy with:
a) the menus (mainly the lack of a border to define the edges, which isn't needed if menu shadows are available)

b) the tabs because I don't like how Xfce (or most of the engines draw the tabs).

Its funny because I was waiting for complains about the tabs color.

Anyway, I'll probably provide instructions for disabling gradients,and other things in future releases, or maybe just some variations on the theme, i don't know. - Oct 11 2004