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Ricardo Villalba , Spain
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by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
I'm afraid you need at least Qt 4.5.

Although you can edit and delete or comment the line


and maybe you can compile it. - Aug 19 2013
What version of Qt are you using?
- Aug 19 2013
I didn't experience this problem.

I'm not sure, but try to replace line 565 in src/findsubtitles/findsubtitleswindow.cpp with

result.append(out, (int) (CHUNK_SIZE - strm.avail_out));

- Aug 18 2013
In the playlist preferences, disable the option "get info automatically about files added".
- May 30 2010 - Mar 12 2009
Check the option "Use only one running instance of smplayer" in Preferences->Interface->Instances.
- Mar 30 2008
Do you mean navigating among the files in the playlist?

The default keys are:
">" next file
"<" previous file

You can change the default keys in the actions editor (actions play_next and play_prev).

- Oct 24 2007
I've just realized there's a small mistake in the 0.5.41 package.

The compilation will be done in debug mode. That means:

linux) the binary will be much bigger than usual. There could be performance issues as the code might not be optimized.

windows) compilation will fail (unless you have Qt compiled in debug mode)

The fix is easy, edit src/ and replace "debug" with "release" in the 4th line. - Aug 23 2007

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by rvm
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Apr 16 2014
Send your corrections to the German translator (you'll find his e-mail address in the About dialog).
- Aug 22 2009
Added an option to set the -mc value in svn r3025. - May 11 2009
> 7. using Fix audio/video sync in settings won't help as it does not allow "0" value

Fixed in svn r3019. Now it allows to enter 0.

Anyway that value is actually used for the -autosync option, not -mc.
- May 09 2009
In newer versions of mplayer the option -stop-xscreensaver may not work with some screensavers.

You'll need to use the -heartbeat-cmd option too.

See this: - Apr 25 2009
There's an option for that: "Repeat" in the "Play" menu.

You can assign any key to that action in the shortcut editor in preferences, or even add a button in the toolbar (as explained here: - Apr 24 2009
There's already an option for that: preferences -> general -> video -> disable screensaver. - Apr 24 2009
They are in the same place: Options -> Toolbars

Although those options only appear if using the default gui (not with the mini gui or mpc gui).
- Jan 02 2009
There's an option in preferences->advanced which makes the mplayer log to be written to a file every time a file is played. You can get the length and filename from there, but I think there's no way to get the current position of the slider, it would be necessary to add some code to make it printed on standard output (or something) from time to time. - Sep 18 2008
If I finally make my usb dvb-t stick work in linux, maybe I could try to add support for dvb.

Support for analog TV would be more complicated, as I don't have an analog TV card.
- May 28 2008
Set the option "Change volume just before playing" in Preferences->General->Audio to "No".

If you really need to use that option, you'll have to patch mplayer, as the official mplayer doesn't have a -volume option.

More info here: - May 15 2008

But if you enable the option "Autosave mplayer log to file" in Preferences->Advanced, everytime a file is played it would save the mplayer log to the file you selected, where you can find the filename and other info.
- Apr 21 2008
Of course you can write in Spanish in my forum. It's also very difficult for me to write in English.
- Mar 24 2008

2) I don't know if I understand well. SMPlayer already can zoom in the image.

3) Complicated. SMPlayer doesn't know where the subtitles are (or if they are shown at this moment or not)

4) If you add a black border (Video->Filters) the OSD already appears there.

5) I need help for that: - Mar 23 2008
Try with QMAKE_CXXFLAGS_RELEASE instead. - Mar 02 2008
You should take a look at the qmake manual (

Maybe QMAKE_CFLAGS_RELEASE is what you're looking for:


This variable contains the compiler flags for creating a non-debuggable application. The value of this variable is typically handled by qmake or qmake.conf and rarely needs to be modified.

qmake allows to pass variables in the command line:


That would add "whatever" to the CFLAGS in the Makefile. - Feb 23 2008
Mmm, I don't know if it's related, but first try to disable the screenshot feature (go to prefereces->general and clear the screenshot path).

If that doesn't work then copy here the whole mplayer log.
- Feb 06 2008
This option will use the new scaletempo filter in mplayer, which was added in version dev-SVN-r24924 (from Nov./01/2007). Be sure you have a version recent enough.

The best is to set 'high speed playback without altering pitch' to auto, so smplayer will use or not the scaletempo according to the version of mplayer you're using.
- Feb 04 2008
Well, I think I didn't change anything about it since 0.5.20, but I don't have any v4l device so I can't test.

Does mplayer give any error when you try to open /dev/video0? (Options -> View logs)
- Feb 03 2008
BTW, there's a deb package too:
- Jan 19 2008
The last version which can be compiled with Qt 3 is 0.5.21: - Jan 19 2008
It's not a secret feature, it's mentioned in the Changelog. And in fact it was added a long time ago (version 0.3.36).

The problem with the DVD menu is mainly because mplayer doesn't support it properly yet. - Nov 22 2007
Soon there'll be a new web. - Oct 15 2007
Well, my binary was about 9 MB size with debugging symbols. I guess the Slackware packager removed the symbols, leaving a binary with more or less the same usual size.

I added you link to the smplayer download page :)

BTW, version 0.5.42 is out. It contains a fix for a serious bug: a lot of actions were missing in the action's editor.
- Aug 23 2007
I've just realized there's a small mistake in the 0.5.41 package.

The compilation will be done in debug mode. That means:

linux) the binary will be much bigger than usual. There could be performance issues as the code might not be optimized.

windows) compilation will fail (unless you have Qt compiled in debug mode)

The fix is easy, edit src/ and replace "debug" with "release" in the 4th line. - Aug 23 2007
I'll try to add support for lirc in the future.

No, it doesn't use DCOP.

But you can send it commands via telnet (telnet localhost 8000). - Jun 21 2007
From Install.txt:

7) How to make a deb package
First of all be sure you have the package fakeroot installed.
Enter in smplayer-0.5.x. If the directory debian/ doesn't exists, rename
debian-rvm to debian.
Now type "dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot".
The deb package will be created in the parent directory.


The right path for a deb package is /usr/share/smplayer/themes - Jun 20 2007
I also use 4.2.3 and I don't have that problem.

Maybe the package you installed has changed the location of qmake and an old qmake is used instead?

I don't really know, but according to those error message it can't find the qt3 compatibility headers. Maybe now they are installed in another directory. qmake is responsible to create a Makefile with the right paths.
- May 10 2007
Done in version 0.4.16. - May 08 2007
I've just made an experimental "statified" binary package (it's not a static binary but it's quite similar).

The binary should work in all linux distros (i586).

More info:
- May 08 2007
In first place I haven't planned support for TV cards in the near future. Reasons: 1) right now I don't have a TV card (I had one but it broke) and 2) I think the Windows version of mplayer doesn't have support for TV cards yet, so I prefer to focus on features that could work on both OS.

Anyway I don't like about autodetecting videodevices. Look at kplayer, for instance, it shows to me in the open menu a lot of DVB and TV cards that I don't have!
- May 06 2007
I took into account your suggestion. The action editor can load and save the key shortcuts to a external file, so shortcuts themes (or schemes) can be done.

- May 05 2007
If you have already configured the tv channels in mplayer, maybe this could work: select Open->URL and type tv://1, tv://2... (or dvb:...).

If it works then you could add all channels to a playlist, for easier access.

- May 04 2007
I told you that configurable key shortcuts will be very soon.

Well, no more excuses. Key shortcuts is next. I've already started with it tonight (preview:

This will probably take me a few days. Until then there won't be more releases.

Meanwhile, please test the new panscan feature.
- May 03 2007
They don't work because smplayer catches all key events and then sends the appropriate commands to mplayer.

Those keys have not been defined yet.
But anyway... what do the G/Y keys do in mplayer? The manpage doesn't mention them.
- May 02 2007
fixed? - cool! i must to test it :)

I've just realized that the "fix" doesn't work at all on Windows. It makes the video disappear when the window is resized.
So from version 0.4.5 this will be something optional.

1. i can see parts of the movie in smplayer throw .jpg images opened in any application when smplayer under of this app!

On Windows mplayer uses the color COLORKEY (defined in constants.h) to paint over. By default it's an almost black color. If your jpg images have that color you'll see the video through it.
I don't know if the colorkey is used by mplayer in linux, it works even without the -colorkey option.

2. in the end of every movie i see the "echo" - one or two repeats of last two seconds!

It happens to me too. It seems to be a bug of the Windows version of mplayer.
- May 02 2007
Version 0.4.4 has a very important fix (at least for me). Now when the main window is resized the video should not flicker at all (I made this specially for Qt 4, where the flicker was very annoying, but at the end the result is much better with Qt 3). The most important is that this fixes a repaint problem with Qt 4. Sometimes the video window got black (totally or partially) when closing another window (or menu) that was over it (I could reproduce it by entering in the preferences dialog, and changing the language).
I don't know if someone else had this problem (I didn't get any report about it), but it happened to me and it was really annoying. Now this is FIXED!!! - May 01 2007
Now (from 0.4.3) the playlist saves its config (including the contents of the playlist) every 5 minutes.
- May 01 2007
No, smplayer is not intented to be embedded in other applications.
I don't know if it would be possible, I didn't think about it.
- Apr 29 2007
> but on crashes?

On crashes, no. For that the playlist should be saved either everytime you make a change, or periodically (every 5 minutes or so). I can do it if you want.

But if there's a crash I'm not completely sure about if the info gets saved. That depends on QSettings, I don't know if the changes are immediately saved or if it waits some time.

> can playlist remember all settings on all actions with it (add/remove/up-down in list)?

It saves the current playlist. If you deleted an item, the item is actually deleted. It saves too the pointer to the current item.

The playlist is saved to the config file. If you for instance opened my_music.m3u, made some changes and then close smplayer without saving it, the original file (my_music.m3u) will be untouched. But when you run smplayer again you'll get back the modified playlist with all changes you made to it.
- Apr 29 2007
When I start some application in fullscreen mode (on windows with qt4) smplayer becomes silent.
When I come back to smplayer it shows a black window and does not react to a pause/play/forward etc.

I'll check it out tonight (or tomorrow).

rvm, can you separately compress only needed sources and full pack for testers?
full pack have weight over 2Mb but sources only packed in some hundreds Kb.

I might make another package with only the sources, without the icons, but I think at the end that would give me a lot of more work.
Maybe I should start thinking about to use a svn, or similar. In that case, I think you would only download the changes (I've never used any, so I'm not sure).

can you implement remembering playlist content and position after shut down or crash?

Version 0.4.1 saves the playlist on exit and loads again on startup.
- Apr 29 2007
VCD slider does not move to the "point of click" where we clicked it. but the slider behaves erratically.

It happens to me too. It seems that absolute seeking doesn't work with VCD videos.

btw, i tried playing vcd in windows but it does not work. Perhaps MPlayer on windows does not play VCDs.

You're right, it seems that mplayer in windows can't play VCDs. For that reason now the Open->VCD option will be disabled on Windows.

so smplayer 1.0 soon?

I think there's still a lot of things to do. For example configurable shortcuts, support for audio cds, a bookmark...

- Apr 27 2007