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alex perez
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Plastik Woody Package

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 8 comments

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Sep 07 2003
Seems it requires XFree86 4.2 instaid 4.1, that's the version Debian Woody runs by deffault. Seriously, i don't want to mess up the X system just for a style. Can you fix that ? Thanks. :)

--{@ Ryo99. - Aug 24 2003
Freetype better Anti-aliasing for Woody

Various Stuff 1 comment

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Aug 10 2003
I'm using almost ever the Arial font on my KDE, now it's looks more proportional.

--{@ Ryo99. - Aug 11 2003
Matrix Moves

KDE Plasma Screenshots 5 comments

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May 20 2003
Thanks q2a ! :) - May 25 2003
I like the feel. Please, can you tell us how to put the xmatrix screensaver in the root window ? I've been playing with xscreensaver, without any lock. - May 20 2003
Debian woody package of SuperKaramba

Karamba & Superkaramba 52 comments

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Oct 21 2003
Dunno why, but last release 0.17H works all the karamba .themes. I'm using Debian Woody R1 with KDE 3.1.1a. Thanks again !

Wonder if you can add a small icon on the K-menu, it doesn't show anyone. Also seems there isn't any documentation under /usr/doc/superkaramba. Keep the great job ! :) - Apr 24 2003
Thanks ! Now than Ralf Brown doesn't package stuff for KDE anymore, this is a great help ! Too bad it only works with a few .themes (Tuxbar are not working). Anyway, thanks for all we people using the Stable Debian ;)

--{@ Ryo99. - Apr 24 2003
Anna in Love 2

Wallpaper Other 5 comments

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Apr 10 2003
It's your little baby under the GPL now ? I hope she isn't.. Seriously, getting photos of your kids catching Tux it's so freak, but updating them to it's definitiusly wrong. - Apr 10 2003
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Apr 06 2003
Dude, i can see RH guys suying this site ;) - Apr 06 2003
New and improved

KDE Plasma Screenshots 1 comment

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Mar 25 2003
excellent desktop ! seems you're using mac os X, really :)

what style are you using ? where can we find the kicker background ? and icons ?


--{@ Ryo99. - Mar 28 2003
Mandrake 8.2 Crystal Menu replacement

Icon Sub-Sets 13 comments

by Ryo99
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Aug 24 2002
I still don't like them. Anyway, KDE 3.1 will have Crystal Icons at default, so i want my MDK menus to fit with them.

--{@ Alex P - Aug 24 2002
Thanks by all support from people. Anyway, just to check a few points.

-) Mandrake will not change their icons, they've better icons available long time ago, and they've ignored them. Think their icons not only must fit under KDE, but GNOME.

-) There aren't enough Crystal icons to replace all mandrake icons.

-) This icons are NOT mine, they're from Conectiva Linux 8 provided by Everaldo, and you can find at
All them are GPL'ed.

-) If i've time maybe i improve then, anyway, YOU can make your own mdk icon set, just replace the original on /usr/share/mini.


--{@ Alex Perez. - Aug 02 2002
live -=" live - powered by linux "=-

Wallpaper Other 12 comments

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Jun 25 2003
Just delete it. - Aug 05 2002

Various Stuff 4 comments

by gway
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May 25 2002
Oh my, I can't believe there're people don't like anime at this time after 50 years of japan production, oh well. Strange you say anime is ugly, usually anime-babies are so sexy.

Keep the work ! I was waiting so long for a AMOR Ran-chan ! ^_^
Now, if only can run two AMOR sessions, i can put Shampoo and Ran-chan together, hehe. ^^

--{@ Ryo99.
- May 25 2002

Various Stuff 2 comments

by gway
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May 04 2002
You keep to improve yor working, too bad the sprite isn't clean enough. Wonder if a smooth animation is possible also. Anyway, great job ! :)

--{@ Ryo99. - May 04 2002
Love Hina's Naru

Various Stuff 10 comments

by gway
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Apr 28 2002
A lil Shampoo (from Ranma nibunnoichi series) will be nice too. They're cute and don't disturb my job, but i'm happy to see them. ^-^

--{@ Ryo. - Apr 29 2002
I love all them, i'm still using Asuka's one but. Please make more of them :)

--{@ Ryo99 - Apr 28 2002