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Sasa Kanjuh
Ok.. :) Thanks anyway for sharing this great theme with us, and thanks for replay.. Hope that you'll find solution in some of next releases, just keep going, you doing great.. :) - Jun 28 2013
First of all, your theme looks great, just beautiful, so I downloaded it on my Elementary OS.. :) And all works perfect, except that view icons in File manager are separated with one tiny line between first and second one.. I know that your theme was predicted for Ubuntu users, but I really like it, so pls, can you fix this bug..? :) - Jun 27 2013

GTK3/4 Themes by trastes 41 comments

Yes, it's true.. Well, however, theme is beautiful, and I plane to use it on Ubuntu 13.04 when it comes out.. My appreciation, and keep working, you doing great.. :) - Apr 03 2013

GTK3/4 Themes by trastes 41 comments

The theme you just share with us is just amazing, it's sure one of the best I ever used.. All I wanted is to thank you, and to support your work, so you will come with more themes like this one, 'couse it's really great.. :)
Btw, please don't get wrong this question, but I'm a Elementary user, and I facing the problem with menus when I apply your theme, so I wonder if you maybe can make theme compatible with Elementary OS, witch also includes slidebar like in Elementary.. I tried modifying gtk.scc for nautilus 3.4 like you described, but, unfortunstly, that had not effect.. In any case, great work, and keep going.. :) - Apr 02 2013
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