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Malte Zacharias

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by Sonic-Lux 7 comments

... you could create another one like this one using the engine used for example in the Redmond splash screen?

I would love a fullscreen version... - Dec 10 2006

VPN by danimo 14 comments

Please keep developing this application, for me it suits my needs and I like the fact not having to be root to use it. Btw this app resembles very much to a Windows app that was written for GUI interaction with OpenVPN. I really liked the way how to use that one and am happy to see a similar one incorporated into my KDE desktop. Keep up the good work! - May 22 2006
Brushed-Bumpmapped Debian

Wallpapers Debian by TheIconoclast 4 comments

ok, I'm happily awaiting that version, I can understand that it's difficult to find a host for such a file,good luck. - Aug 23 2004
Brushed-Bumpmapped Debian

Wallpapers Debian by TheIconoclast 4 comments

but there's always a "but"...
You use too lossy jpeg compression, you should either provide a png version or compress the file with a higher jpg-quality setting, there are clear artefacts in the red area of the debian logo, that doesn't look so well.. - Aug 22 2004
GNOME. Integrity & Efficiency

Wallpapers Gnome by kwiatkowski 10 comments

I apologize for what I said in my previous post, I was unaware that the site exists, and even more important shares the database with kde-look, at least in some points.Thus what I said was wrong and I'd be happy if we could close the case now and forgot what I wrote.Special apologies to the authort of the artwork, as I said I was erroneuos of the pages and their sharing of the DB's, I missed the announcement.Still I like the artwork and would be happy if a kde branded version existed. - Jun 20 2004
GNOME. Integrity & Efficiency

Wallpapers Gnome by kwiatkowski 10 comments

Well,then it would be nice if you (the author) posted the source of the image, I dont know how it was created, but if you published the source it would make it possible for everyone to adapt it to his personal favor, but I still don't think a gnome only image would fit here. I didn't watn to vote it down, because I don't think that it is bad, just wrong here, so don't get me wrong please. - Jun 20 2004
GNOME. Integrity & Efficiency

Wallpapers Gnome by kwiatkowski 10 comments

artwork, but it is wrong here. I try to post this before anyone ellse can post it in a worse language, but this webpage collects many different kinds of wallpapers and styles for KDE, there have been soe discussions in the past what should and should not be posted here.But it was always clear that Gnome wallpapers are definitely wrong here. It would be nice if you removed this one and post it on a more appropriate place, there is a whole Webpage subjext to Gnome themes and wallpapers as well (I don't remember the URL right now), there would be a better place for your artwork, it is definitely nice, maybe you could create a version with the KDE Logo ?Do yourself a favor and save yourself from the rants, adapt the wallapper (it IS nice) or remove it. - Jun 20 2004
KDE Kicker Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by demom 17 comments

I happen to like it very much, this kind of UI is one of the things I liked in GNOME, but it wasn't enough to keep me there.
Thank you for the good work, finally my desktop's uncluttered a bit. - Jun 12 2004
New Tatoo

Wallpaper Other by Stefanmdk 23 comments

seconded - Jun 12 2004
no drugs, no fun?

Wallpaper Other by alois-kde 9 comments

Artists create art. In every piece of art there is some kind of intention, some want to point out they like KDE more than other Desktops, some want to point out how nicely certain landscapes are, some want to submit a message. Sometimes the intention/message is more clearly visible, sometimes less.I don't think it's the message that makes art bad. For its special purposes this is a great wallpaper, and it should not be scored down "just because it's too clear what it says". As said by others already, there a re possibilities where this can be used, and there may be others who just find this work is imaginative and nicely done.Personally I dislike the colors a bit, but I think the overall rendering looks nice. - Jun 04 2004