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saint itch , Germany
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Icon Sub-Sets 7 comments

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Jun 09 2008
well, the resolution is 16x16.
this is the smallest icon size.
do you recognize this problem with other icons as well?
and what resolution do these icons have? - Jun 07 2008
even if im not sure about the sarcastic potential... :
i hope so :) - Jun 02 2008
I tried to fix this problem, but it is pretty hard, to have an 16x16 icon with gradients.
That may be the reason why everyone uses monochrome icons for this purpose, as they have the needed contrast.
Anyway, i tried to put some more contrast into it and i think it look better now. - Jun 02 2008
Euro 2008 screenlet (Spanish)

Conky 11 comments

by soitu
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Jun 03 2008
Although i'm not a soccer fan and neither will i use this app, but you should translate this to other languages and add the possibility to use it for later saisons.
It looks well done.

Greets. - Jun 03 2008

Wallpaper Other 2 comments

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May 30 2008
Did you recognize, that this picture looks like a square cut of an eye, from the distance?
Imagine the eyelashes and an oval white area with an iris of different colors.
- May 30 2008
SVG wallpaper

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Jan 28 2005
Maybe you could name it to colormanagement icon, i will use it for this purpose. :)
It fits optimal into this category.
Maybe this even gives you some more ideas.


- May 29 2008