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by sars
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Oct 31 2016
Human error... - Mar 12 2012
Hmm... Don't know... Money has not been a driving force for my hobby ;) - Mar 12 2012
I have developed Skanlite for my own image scanning needs and PDF has not been very high on my priority :(

There is a sleeping playground project in kde svn called SkanSuite that includes a multipage pdf scanning (also based on libksane), but it has not seen any love in a looong time.

I have hoped that somebody with an itch to write and maintain a document scanning application would step up... - Dec 18 2011
There is a "preview before save" option that can be disabled :) - Dec 18 2011
0.8 saves scanner options for the next time. Hope this helps :) - Dec 18 2011
Sorry for not testing the 0.5 and 0.6 releases enough.

I hope this last release is in better shape :)

Kåre - Nov 30 2010
I just added a new release that fixes also this bug - Nov 25 2010
This last release (0.5) adds the saving of the window size but unfortunately only when the the window manager control is used. - Nov 18 2010
Previewing and manually specifying the filename is the default. I wonder how you got anything else... Have you upgraded from an earlier version? There was a change in the saving between 0.3 and 0.4... - Nov 18 2010
The sources are in kdegraphics (libksane) and kde-extragear (Skanlite) - Feb 10 2010
Kate CTags Plugin

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Feb 09 2007
I got an somewhat improved version of this plugin included into kdesdk in the upcoming kde 4.2 :)

The plugins can be compiled separately for KDE 4.1, but you need to add:

find_package(KDE4 REQUIRED)

to the top of the CMakeLists.txt and you need the development packages for kdesdk.

Here you can find the source:
svn co svn://
- Jan 13 2009
After logout-login it should work or after you have executed 'kded --check' - Feb 09 2007

I created a Kubuntu deb for the interested :)

/Kåre - Nov 06 2006
This really made my day thanks!

Kåre - Oct 31 2006

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by sars
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May 20 2008
Skanlite uses Qt's image saving, which means that adding PDF would not be trivial.

I have adding "profiles" with saved default options on my TODO :)

But now I'm concentrating on adding auto selection and multiple selections.

- Jan 12 2009
*All of the "all options" are scanner backend specific options that I don't know anything about :) (I get them through the sane API). What I should do is add the description of the parameter (from sane) as a tooltip :)

*checking/setting Permission would be a workaround, but is worth thinking about.

I guess you had the same problem with xsane :) - Nov 14 2007
I would be delighted!

Mail me, if you have any questions or if you have any wishes for the API.

Kåre Särs - Jul 12 2007
I wanted to improve the userinterface of Kooka, but I found the code inflexible, so I started from scratch :)

My goal is to make a good library and then a light application that only scans images (not OCR, ....). Then if somebody is interested to use the library for something bigger, I'm more than happy :)

The library is licensed under the LGPL. - Jun 29 2007

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by sars
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Jan 13 2009
The .deb also works on Ubuntu Feisty. - May 02 2007