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Stefan Schl√∂rholz
Futurosoft Icons

Full Icon Themes by Sephiroth6779 87 comments

which font do youo use in the screen shots?


Stefan - Feb 23 2007
Polar Theme - Preview 5

Full Icon Themes by conteXx 44 comments

Hi there,

which font do you use on your sreenshot?


Stefan - Feb 23 2007
Postfix Configuration

Kate by undefined 2 comments

although it is a very good idea to have a postfix configuration file I am missing a description of what this configuration actually leads to once utilized on my system.


Stefan - Feb 23 2007
Marbles 0.1.3 (Translucent)

Icon Sub-Sets by Markus 44 comments


thank you very much for these nice icons. A benefit what a lot of other icon packages misses is the consistency of the icons.

Unfortunately when using this package I do not get all of the icons. More precisely I do not get the glass ball but everything inside like e.g. a floppy. Is there anything I need to be aware of having installed?

I would be glad if someone can help me out here.


livin is a half pipe - Jul 12 2002
keramik style + translucent kicker

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by KrAzY 131 comments


this is a great decoration. Thanks for that.

A lot of folks experience problems with the translucent kicker. But I did not see that there are a lot of resonses to these guys. I do not get the translucency to work either.

There is a "translucency kicker patch" on this site but I do not know if it is wise to apply it to this decoration since the patch is older (16.6.02) than this deco (23.6.02). I assume the newer version to include this patch already.

Will the kicker also be translucent if I combine this deco with the high performance liquid scheme?

I would be glad for any hints for a newbie to this area.


livin is a half pipe - Jul 12 2002