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Thorsten Schnebeck Hannover, Germany
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Feb 21 2016
I used kwave in the past but as this prog heavily refers to aRts I can not use it anymore. The modern KDE setup use ALSA directly.

Any way to support the --without-arts configure switch or have I wait for the KDE 4 version of kwave?


Thorsten - Jan 18 2007

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Jan 14 2006
(Better use eMail to get support, as I'm not here every day :)

Have you followed the README and do you patch KDEs global MIME-type file?
Patching is necessary for CR2 files


Thorsten - Feb 23 2006
Can you mail me in private to sort this out? My mail address is in the README. PLease mail me the output of ./configure && make.


Thorsten - Jan 16 2006
Yes, you need somewhere in your lib-path and,,,, and ExifTool in your PERLLIB path. So what does 'locate' says? In Gentoo your missing package is called 'sys-devel/libperl'.

Thorsten - Jan 15 2006
Sooo, I downloaded a test image from digiKams RAW database (Minolta A1) and could see its works fine and this raw format also supports IPTC header writing.


Thorsten - Nov 05 2005
Ups, forgot the most important one :-)

Minolta RAW (MRW) also by file extention.


Thorsten - Nov 05 2005
This should work. In principle this plugin support these image formats:

In release 0.3 (beta) I mapped
Minolta RAW image (MRM),
Fuji RAW image (RAF),
Canon RAW (CRW, CR2),
Sigma (x3f)
by MIME type and
Nikon RAW format (nef)
by file extention
to work with 'rawimage'. But I have only testet CRW, CR2, X3F, JPEG and PNG by myself.


Thorsten - Nov 05 2005