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May 28 2019
updated, you should have pdf support now, and I will put libre office on the docket for the next update! Thank you for the feedback! - May 28 2019
Updated! Thank you again everyone for the support! - Apr 24 2019
I will share the svg. And I agree, svg has so many benefits to png, however the linux standard at a bare, requires .png, even if submitting an svg, which the set follows. I had hoped to have a project I'm on finished by now, so I could dedicate more time to getting the set ready so I could release the svg, however my other project is still on going, for at least one more week and I just haven't had the time. But I promise, the svg will be released, and in the not too distant future. Although it would be faster, the repo is currently setup, I would have new scripts to write, adjust the flow of the main repo, and testing to do implementing the svg, as it is, I am pulling 12-16 hour days as is, some weeks it's 7 days in a row, especially since we are so close to launch, and it involves many stakeholders, I just don't have the actual phsical time to make such a large adjustment. I have to sneak in an hour here, there just to have enough time to draw new icons.

But as soon as I launch, and I can hand some work off to the tech team, getting the baseline down for icons here, is a main priority. Once that's settled, the Svg will be released. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but please do check back and they will be available soon. TM.

School Material Bob - Apr 22 2019
not finalized, just once they have settled down, and aren't in such high flux. I just don't have the time to maintain two repos for it, at the moment., when I constantly tear down the one I have for it. - Apr 21 2019
And yes, I do plan on releasing the vector files. I figure once all the icons have been filled out, I plan to release them, - Apr 21 2019
Sorry for the delay since last update, I have been totally swamped, but I have a fairly large release, which I hope to have finalized by today or tomorrow, this will be the largest update to School Material thus far. Thanks everyone for all the support! - Apr 21 2019
Hopefully some of the changes I made to the scripting procedure, seem to have increased the clarity quite a bit. The issue was with imagemagick, apparently, Even when an image is resized as an svg before any flags are are given, I.E. imagemagick -resize 18x18 filename -convert filename.png , the files were still getting penalized by halo effects. It was also only present in batch executions and not if each was converted singularly. At any rate, the files are now converted by resize alone in SVG, then converted again to make the transition. I am stil not 100% with the results and have been toying around with some alternate methods, I should be changed over to that method by next update. But these are still greatly improved, and my apologies. - Feb 21 2019
A bit more guidance in case anyone is interested in the below:

An easy way to modify the names, or add any number of user directories is with the command
xdg-user-dirs-update in your favorite console.

This automatically creates the
~/.config/user-dirs.dirs (local)
/etc/xdg/user-dirs.default (global)

files, without the need to either create one if your menu system didn't, or locating it.

In order to name a directory, use (I recommend to modify local, as it will only impact that user)
XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop" ## if you change the Desktop to something else, your root desktop file will change to whatever you name it

Since it's done through XDG, on next boot or env update/refresh it will automatically point all required stuff that relies on that directory to the correct place, unless you've modified your init scripts. Some other names you mentioned are:
XDG_TEMPLATES_DIR="$HOME/Templates" ## or change to $HOME/Awesomeplates as an example
XDG_DOCUMENTS_DIR="$HOME/Documents" ## change to $HOME/Papers

You can also create your own
XDG_DROPBOX_DIR="$HOME/Dropbox" ## as an example.

But to change the defaults, you do need the correct default mapping, which if you run the command, will be written to the local file mentioned above for you.

If you write your own file or modify say the XFCE4 menu file, just double check your /etc or init system to see if you need to hook a line in to update any other parts that may rely on the naming convention during boot or init. Some things may do like a
if [ -f $HOME/Desktop ]; then function() as a part of init that might fail if not updated on next boot. The main culprit I would look at would probably be xdg manager, or your DM. - Feb 08 2019
@freefreeno You are correct, no desktop has full support, as it's in alpha, and I personally don't run a desktop, so what's been included for XFCE came from their min requirements for their distro icon package requirements, which is adwaitia (spelling?), which also has a fall back of gnome.. The XFCE parts I do use in my WM show different icons for keyboard, settings, mouse and touchpad, those are also linked against the standard mime naming conventions outlined in the linux overall icon naming guidelines. I was unaware that lightdm had an icon as a desktop launcher, I personally use a heavily modified SDDM, but no GUI to interface with it to need an icon. If you can provide the naming conventions (in your /usr/share/applications or $home/.config or $home/local/share/applications) desktop file (it should have a name on the file, not the one that shows in your file manager, but if you inspect or right click desktop file and click properties, the name before the dot.desktopfile extension, I would be more than happy to include them on the next update.

The downloads is a naming error that I keep forgetting to fix. The icon in question is lowercase, when it needs to have a letter capitalized. Thanks for reminding me!

You can change whatever deafult you'd like the them to to pickup for folder icons. Either specify a fallback in the theme.index file, if you have a prefernce. Or in your $home/.config, whatever menu system you use, will have a high level reference file to the folder assignments, sometimes this file can also end up in /etc, but it contains the naming conventions that assign differnt icons or images to your folders. You can add names, , remove, change defaults, etc. The easiest way, is just to hard link the folder in question, via that file, to an icon location. The naming of the file does also change depending on if you use openbox, the lxde older xfce menu, or the xfce4 menu system. Or at least it did some years ago, when I last used XFCE. - Feb 08 2019
I double checked a few of the icons shown in JustPerfection's link and hopefully for those icons, the blur is taken care of.. As you can see in the link, the only blurring is from the laptops colored shadow, and doesn't have that white fuzzy blur as shown in his link. If the problem is persistent, please let me know, and I can try to replicate how the error is occurring. - Feb 07 2019
New update to the APPS section, over 500 icons in apps, expanded gnome, xfce, and added a touch of kde support.. To further eco some of the below, I also re-ran the tree and moved some of the scripting, hopefully this reduces some blur while I look into the matter further. My apologies!

Ill have to look into the blur, its likely because of the scripting and the resize function placement. Since the files originate from SVG and no blur. I have noticed some aliasing on a few of the icons as well. That being due to the main color, particularly material designs pink and red 500's have a tendency to do that. I also noticed that some of the action icons have blurred as well, this is either again the resize function placement in the script order, or could be realted to the stock, the action icons are derived from the material design community set. I will make sure to include an update for this in my next round.

As for not including the SVG currently, I'm in the middle of a huge project launch and I just don't have the time to injet another tree to maintain into this project. Hopefully in the next few weeks that will change, since launch has started for my other project. But I will likely only include the svg set once its in beta. The files are constantly in flux right now, and I just don't want to add another layer that I have to write scripts for, optimize svgs for, etc.

- Feb 07 2019
Updated, sorry for the delay, scripts were not correctly transferring files with an extra . in them, solved! - Jan 23 2019
I have another update incoming within the next day or so, it will expand the mimetypes again, as well as deeper support for gnome, expanded support for xfce, and a couple dozen new icons, mostly in the application area. I appreciate everyone who has downloaded and enjoyed using ShoolMaterial. It's already in the top 100, I didn't expect such a warm response, and Im very appreciative of all the kind comments/msgs! Check back in a day or two at most for the update! - Jan 21 2019
The response has been incredibly positive, way more than I had anticipated! Thank you, to everyone enjoying School Material, I truly appreciate it! As my way of showing thanks, I'll be releasing several updates shortly, greatly expanding file type recognition (as well as icons for that), additional app icons, and initial support for gnome.

I will look into connecting my repo to the projects here, and I'm told that will open up donation capabilities through the site.

Thank you again everyone! - Jan 03 2019