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black + white icons

Icon Sub-Sets by carpelinx 94 comments

Keep these coming - pure awesomeness! - Aug 16 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by mavvert 23 comments

Yeah, man - keep working on this; very cool!

Can't wait to see it completed! - Aug 16 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by maitre 5 comments

I get the following error when the buildset script starts running:

convert: NoDecodeDelegateForThisImageFormat `Macos_Classic.png'.

etc, etc, for every icon that convert tries to resize.

I've tried recompiling different versions of imagemagick, but no change.

Any ideas what might be causing this and/or how to fix?

Thanks! - Apr 05 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by maitre 5 comments

The side icons (ie. summary, mail, contacts, etc ) for Kontact aren't getting changed when I apply the rade8-3.0 icon theme.

It's really annoying because I think the default kontact icons suck, and they _totaly_ clash with the sharp graphite look.

I'm using KDE3.3 (Kontact 1.0), any ideas?

Thanks! - Sep 10 2004