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sebastian l , Sweden
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Oct 19 2007
It is possible to control the fan speed with this program if your motherboard supports it. Just use the arrows beside the number 240. And you need to run this application as root to be able to control the fans. - Oct 24 2007
You should not need to do anything more than that to get correct fan readings, to check if it works run "sensors" from the terminal, if you get fan speed readings and temperatures it should work in QtFan, if not post the output of
ls /sys/class/hwmon/
find /sys -iname 'pwm*' - Oct 24 2007
Install lm_sensors and run sensors-detect to find out which modules you need loaded. - Oct 21 2007
1. Download the source file
2. open a terminal and cd into the directory where you saved the file.
3. tar xf qtfan-1.0.tar.gz
4. cd qtfan
5. qmake
6. make
7. sudo make install (or su -c 'make install' )
8. start qtfan from kmenu->system->qtfan - Oct 21 2007
What output do you get from: ls /sys/class/hwmon/
and what motherboard do you have? - Oct 21 2007
You read the INSTALL file...
The install instructions is:

make install

You also need the right hwmon modules loaded to be able to control the fanspeeds. - Oct 21 2007
CpuFreq Tray

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Oct 18 2007
Updated the C++ version, added a .desktop file so the application can be started from kmenu and added the install portions to the qmake-file. And the icons in the application now gets embedded into the executable when compiling. - Oct 15 2007
I ported this application to C++ - Oct 12 2007

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Nov 15 2006
import the .cgwdtheme in cgwd theme manager - Nov 14 2006