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Carlos Soriano Girona, Spain
Gnome Cupertino

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Apr 14 2013
Thnak you very much - May 13 2012
I have a lot of "GTKwarning: not using units is deprecated using px" in .xsession-errors, and for a developer or a bug reporter it's very anoying. Can you add units to your theme to avoid this warning?
Thank you
It's my favourite theme =)
Also, congratulations for your very good work. - May 10 2012
Zukitwo Cupertino

Gnome Shell Themes 19 comments

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Dec 17 2013
I'm experiencing errors in gnome-shell 3.4 with the notifications.

I was touching the code and I think I found the error
In message.css, in line 8 and 22, will be a .notification and .notification.multi-line-notification like in the original gnome-shell theme to work properly.
Also this is not a good workaround, because with this fix is a little uggly, but at least, I can see the notifications.

Please, fix it when possible =) - May 12 2012
Mictlan gnome shell & cinnamon theme

Cinnamon Themes 22 comments

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Aug 03 2012
Thank you for the answer =)

Also, this is the problem:

And this is the theme I have installed:
As you can see, it is the 3.4 theme - May 04 2012

The theme is awesome, little top bar (for laptops) clean interface, it's very awesome.
But the notifications are buggy in gnome-shell 3.4 with your theme.

Also, in applications, the icons are too little....can you put the icons a little bigger?


El tema que has creado es precioso, sobretodo por cosas como la barra de arriba, tan fina, excelente para portatiles.
Mi unica queja es que las notificaciones en gnome-shell no se muestran bien con tu tema...podrias arreglarlo?
También, los iconos en la pestaña de aplicaciones son muy pequeños...y los nombres de las aplicaciones quedan cortados y queda feo...podrias arreglarlo tambien? podrias ponerlo de grandes como el tema por defecto de gnome, si te parece bien =)

Gracias!! - May 03 2012
Score 74.4%
9   May 03 2012