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seldon seldon
My desktop - feb_06

Gnome Screenshots by Gentleman 3 comments

wallpaper is called 'Alone', from kol on deviantart. - Jul 01 2006
Gnome Kwin Vista

Gnome Screenshots by Dominatus 7 comments

really nice...

what wallpaper is that?? and how did you get the title bars and taskbar transparent?

looks great. - Jan 10 2006
SnowIsh Theme

GTK2 Themes by saki 11 comments

hi, looks great!

and what is this icon theme you are using? - Jan 05 2006
(Dark) Uncluttered Bliss

Gnome Screenshots by pizzach 3 comments

real pretty

whats that box in the bottom left? does it keep the list of open applications?

also, where do you get that cool wallpaper? - Dec 19 2005

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Romakin 2 comments

hi... how on earth did you get that calendar on the desktop?

awesome desktop... you should submit it as a screenshot... - Nov 29 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes by CiccioBueo 80 comments

i like the new shading on the top bars...

makes this theme very nice on a busy desktop.

keep up the excellent work!

and cant wait till you release that cool icon theme. - Nov 20 2005
Aconcagua again

Wallpaper Other by fborgnia 1 comment

wow.. this is really inspiring...

nice background. - Nov 14 2005
Alphacube Metacity Theme

Metacity Themes by CiccioBueo 80 comments


I really like this theme. *very* well put togther, and I've been using the coloured theme for the last month.

one thing I changed... the window title bar and window are all the same colour. if a lot of things are open, the whole desktop is the same dull grey colour and its hard to make out individual windows quickly.

I found that I could make my desktop a lot friendlier by adding a little colour to the window title bars (there are 3 little graphics that need to be colourised (i think top_left, top_right, and top_middle.png or something like that)...
I gave them a tint of yellow and it makes it all stand out a lot better. - Nov 13 2005