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by Luwx
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Sep 18 2018
9 excellent - Jun 13 2019
Aether Dark

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Jul 10 2018
+ - Oct 24 2018
Glow Mojave Dark

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Aug 13 2018
Very nice, thank you! - Sep 06 2018
Mojave Dark

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Feb 26 2019
Very nice, thank you! - Sep 06 2018

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by sen7
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Nov 11 2008
compiz-fusion :) - Apr 29 2009
Do you mean the bg image?
You can find that one in the theme: Mira/gtk-2.0/Shadows/window-bg.png

It is tileable. - Apr 23 2009
Thanks! The font is called "snap". You can find it in the artwiz font pack ( - Apr 21 2009
Conky - Mar 13 2009
Well, as root you should have write permission if the root partition isn't mounted read only (which is probably not the case).

Please try it again like this (sudo only as user):
sudo tar -xvf Mira.tar --directory=/usr/share/themes

You can extract the theme to ~/.themes (".themes" in your homefolder) as well. - Feb 28 2009
Hmm, I can't reproduce that error... works fine over here.
Do you have this problem with other themes as well or just with Mira? - Feb 26 2009
Thank you very much for your support! - Feb 24 2009
Please take a look at page 5 of the comments.
OpenOffice will switch into high contrast mode if you use dark themes. I already posted a solution on the previous page. - Feb 15 2009
Did you read the theme description? :)

" sure to copy the userContent.css to your firefox profile."

The userContent.css is located in the Mira folder and needs to be copied to "~/.mozilla/firefox/54df7g55.YourProfile/chrome". - Feb 07 2009
Ok, uploaded a tar to dA.
If you download the theme again and extract it, it will work now without any problems.

Drag and Drop should still not work though, because the tar includes 2 themes (Mira & Mirav2). But manual extraction will be fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience! - Feb 06 2009
Ah ok, figured it out now.
You just need to move the 2 folders in "/usr/share/themes/Mira_by_sen7" to "/usr/share/themes".

Deviantart doesn't like the .tar.gz format because they automatically change the filename and that script ignores the double filetype.

What you need are just the "Mira" and "Mirav2" folders in Mira_by_sen7. Then it will work.

I will upload a rar or tar to dA to prevent this issue. - Feb 06 2009
Hm, that's weird. Could you please run:

ls /usr/share/themes/Mira*

and check if it really contains the theme folders with the "gtk-2.0" subdirectories?

You could also try to extract the theme to /home/YourUser/.themes (~/.themes). If the folder doesn't exist yet, then just create it (dont forget the dot ".themes").

An index file is included so it should show up in the appearance preferences. - Feb 06 2009
Hi, Snap is a bitmap font and not resizable. - Dec 09 2008
Yes thats really annoying. OpenOffice automatically switches into high contrast mode if you use dark themes. A good solution is explained in this article:

I frequently use OO myself and simply fixed it by adding this line to /opt/openoffice/program/soffice (depending on your distro it can also be /usr/lib/openoffice/program/soffice):

export GTK2_RC_FILES=/home/sen/.themes/Shiki-Wine/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

This forces all OO applications to use the shiki-wine theme for example.
The only bad thing about this fix is that you have to readd this line after every OpenOffice upgrade.
- Nov 12 2008
Just tested it again and with the font "snap" that I use it fits perfectly. With the font "DejaVu Sans" it's font size 7. - Nov 12 2008
The problem with Metacity is that it resizes the title bar if the font size of the title is over 8 (or so). For most other metacity themes this is not a problem but because of the pattern even a little resizing becomes visible.
The only way to prevent this is to lower the title font size or to create a bigger titlebar (and that won't look good).
Metacity isn't really happy with this kind of pattern design... emerald is superior. - Nov 12 2008
Thank you, I appreciate it! :) - Nov 11 2008
Thank you for your support mate! :)
If you need sth for the fvwm theme please let me know.
Btw, you need to work on your japanese... oder ist ein Aligatho ein Tier oder sowas? (just kidding :D) - Nov 11 2008
Fixed in 0.5! :) - Nov 11 2008
Install the "artwiz" font-pack. It's available on most distros but you can also get it here: - Nov 04 2008
Ehm, you want me to write a tutorial for a random image-editor inside a comment? Sry mate but I certainly won't do that! :D
I don't mean to be rude so please don't misunderstand me but I do this in my free time. If you want to mod the theme go ahead but you'll have to learn about this stuff on your own (tutorials will help).

As you might know the theme consists of _many_ different images that you can find in the gtk-2.0 folder (the scrollbar images as well). You can recolor these images with gimp, photoshop or whatever editor you want to use. Tutorials are all over the place...

For information about the pixmap-engine look here: - Oct 28 2008
This is a pixmap theme. To change the color of the scrollbars use you favourite image editor. - Oct 28 2008
Sry, I'm not sure what the problem is. Perhaps it has something to do with the recent update to gnome-2.24. I'm using arch as well but it works fine for me. - Oct 28 2008
Hi, you just need to copy the gdm theme to "/usr/share/gdm/themes".

So if you extracted the Mira.tar.gz to "/usr/share/themes" this command would install it:

cp -a /usr/share/themes/Mira/gdm/themes/Mira /usr/share/gdm/themes/

After this you can select the Mira gdm theme in the login-manager preferences or via gdmsetup. - Oct 26 2008
You need the pixmap engine for this theme. - Oct 26 2008
Yeah then you have the previous version. There you can make the changes under:

General Options > Opacity Settings - Oct 24 2008
If you have ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager) installed it's pretty easy to make the menu transparent (and everything else you want).

Open the CompizConfig Settings Manager and go to:
Accessibility >>> Opacity, Brightness and Saturation >>> Opacity(tab)

Under the "window specific settings" click on new and enter the following:

Windows: popupmenu
Value: 90 (for example)

You can do the same for: dropdownmenu, menu, tooltip, and so on... - Oct 24 2008
Thx! The font that I use in the screenshot is called "Snap" and you can find it in the "artwiz-fonts" package. This package should be available on most distros but you can also get it here: - Oct 24 2008
Rename the archive from "Mira_by_sen7.gz" to "Mira_by_sen7.tar.gz"

Extract the "Mira_by_sen7.tar.gz" to "/usr/share/themes/" (for all users) or to "/home/YourUser/.themes" (just for a single user).

Now open the appearance settings and click on customize. There select Mira(v2) under interface and window border (or sth. like that).

I don't know howto install the emerald themes on LinuxMint. They are located in the Mira(v2) folder. - Oct 22 2008
Thanks mate, also for the DA comment! :) - Oct 21 2008
Thanks to SchattenGessang I could figure out this problem. The current metacity theme is getting stretched vertically if you use a titlebar font bigger than 8px.
To solve this I'll have to create a new set of the metacity theme with a bigger titlebar to make it usable with bigger fonts.
I'm busy with rl stuff atm but I'll release an update for the theme and add a bigger titlebar version of the metacity theme in the next days! - Oct 20 2008
Sry, I really can't help you... it just works for me. xD
Maybe I use a different emerald version or sth like that.

Emerald: 0.7.8
artwiz-fonts: 1.3-3 - Oct 18 2008
Seems like this can't be fixed without making the bottom border larger: :( - Oct 18 2008
You're right, resizing on the bottom doesn't work, normally I use only the edges so I haven't noticed this.
Thx for informing me about this, I'll look into it.

I've only modded the 5:4 version of the wallpaper, the original from mandolux is available in many resolutions though.
Go to "" and look for "mandolux-nonef-*". These are the originals of the wallpaper.
I just got the permission from mando to release my mod as a gdm background. If you want a widescreen version of the mod please write me a pm.
- Oct 18 2008
Thank you very much! - Oct 18 2008
Ok, that's not the emerald theme that I've included in the pack on your screenshot.
Only the metacity theme has round borders like this...

So I guess you are using the built in compositing feature of metacity.

If you want emerald follow this howto:

With the metacity theme I could reproduce the error you have. It looks like this if the font size of the titlebar is too high. Lowering it will probably solve your problem but I would suggest to switch to compiz fusion an emerald for quality reasons.

- Oct 09 2008
miquel = mitabe?

I just wrote a message miquel.
I still don't know what the problem can be and I can't reproduce it. A friend of mine uses Ubuntu as well and had no problems.
Like I mentioned in the privat message please give me some details and yes a screenshot would be great! :) - Oct 09 2008
Ok, the problem is fixed now! :) - Oct 09 2008
Thank you very much!

Actually I don't know much about the firefox config files. I'll learn more about it and then I'll hopefully be able to fix it! :) - Oct 09 2008
I use the font "Snap" from the artwiz fonts pack for the titlebar and everything else.

I've never experienced the problems you have stated above so maybe using a different font will fix it. - Oct 09 2008
Thank you! - Oct 07 2008
Thank you for your comments. I don't use gnome and nautilus so I didn't notice the cursor problem.
However it's fixed now, just redownload the theme and all should be fine. Thanks again for informing me about this problem :)

You said that you fixed your firefox problem already but I just want to clear something up.
All you have to do to get the firefox3 display right with dark-themes in generell is to modify the "userContent.css".
Just copy the userContent.css that I included in this release (in the Mira folder) to "/home/YourUser/.mozilla/firefox/215sd414f5.YourProfile/chrome"
an restart firefox. - Sep 24 2008

GTK2 Themes 33 comments

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May 14 2008
Very nice theme. I especially like the smooth gloss effects. - Nov 16 2008
Murrina Solaris

GTK2 Themes 5 comments

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Nov 11 2008
Kinda funny to see this color-sheme in an round and elegant design... but I have to admit that the squarish Motif is also kinda sexy. :D - Nov 11 2008

Full Icon Themes 33 comments

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Oct 20 2008
Just awesome, thx for adding the icons!

I've found one small bug. There's a little inconsistency in some of the new icons. Nothing great but the background gradient changes its angle (in the arrow icons for example).

Keep up the good work! [+vote again] - Oct 17 2008
I really like this icon theme, creative yet simple and clean.
Please keep up the good work! :) - Oct 14 2008
Aether KV

by Luwx

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Jun 13 2019
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather
by clearmartin

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Sep 06 2018
Aether KV

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9 excellent
Aether Dark

Plasma Themes
by KenVermette

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Very nice, thank you!
Mojave Dark

by Luwx

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Very nice, thank you!

Application Styles
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Resources Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring
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Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather
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Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring
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