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Serdar Dalgic , Turkey

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Jul 04 2011
Any clue when 0.3 version is planned to release? - Jul 29 2011
Actually not :) Pardus is very far from gentoo. Gentoo was our nest distro to develop our own technologies, like PiSi (package manager) COMAR (configuration manager) ..etc.. Now, we have all our technologies to package programs ;) All I need is just a tagged version of QtMindMap source :) I can checkout a git snapshot and use it as a source too, but I wanted to encourage you to release a version (let's say 0.2.1 :) ) and I wanted to package that specific tarball (= - Jul 04 2011
Thanks for your response ;)

Btw, I want to package this program for my distro, Pardus. Can you version the program and upload these versions to a particular place, instead of putting a download link to the latest git? It makes packagers' work hard when you only provide the latest git snapshots, which frequently changes. - Jul 04 2011
Hi, thanks for the great app. I've managed to build and test the program, but have a little problem: I couldn't save any of my work. I can export as a png file but when I "save as" the program, it seems to save the file but no file is created in the destination directory. - Jun 27 2011