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sergei danilov Minsk, Belarus
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KRunner Kopete Contacts

App Runners 27 comments

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Feb 10 2010
this is a really cool way to find the contacts quickly!
thank you for a work - Mar 23 2010
kde4 bluetooth files open

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 40 comments

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Aug 16 2009
you are welcome ;) - Mar 17 2010
I had the similar problem with dolphin.By default dolphin creates hidden file in the every directory to store directory properties.It's takes some time.This might be the cause.You could switch this off via the dolphin settings and try one more time
But with konqeror all was ok for me.
I didn't use the suse , but it might enable file/directory preview for both browsers.So when you see the directory icon file manager might try to draw the preview of the pictures inside this icon.Via bluetooth this operation is extremely slow
So also try to disable draw of pictures preview in file manager. - Nov 22 2009
Which phone model do you have?most probably your phone does not supported by obexfs.Because according to logs obexfs does all that it can.
Could you try to google if that possible to connect your device in Linux? may be it can be done with some trick.. - Oct 12 2009
Don't looks good, because there are no any error messages.
Could you try to execute the command under root?
execute: obexfs -b 00:18:A4:40:D2:39 -B 10 /tmp/00:18:A4:40:D2:39
and then try to open this directory under root.

Also , which phone model do you have? We could try to find some info whether your device supported by obexfs.Did you have successfull cases of mounting it under linux? - Sep 25 2009
unfortunately there is no such possibility to embedge umount command in the blueman without changing it code.
I think right way will be to extend the existing Kde mount/umount utilites to support obexfs (I even think that one of current plasmoids might support such feature) .I think I will be able to adjust current utilites, if it will look smart. What do you think ?
- Sep 25 2009
Thanks for your report.
I fixed this error in the new version - 0.3.
I'm using lazy umount to prevent "busy device error"
Please check it out :) - Aug 16 2009
by default in my Gentoo dolphin creates .directory files every time I open the directory.
And from other side my phone (SE W300i) does not allow to create any file silently and everytime asks whether i want to do this on it's screen. And it's not possible to turn off such paranoic behavior.
As a result dolphin just hangs while I'am trying to open by phone through it and wait until I will open phone and permit to create .directory file.And this repeats with every subdir I follow.
I know at least several other phones with same behavior of asking permissions.
So it's becomes quite hard to use dolphin with such phone.
Currently i do not know nice way how to overcome this , w/o change default dolphin behavior - Aug 10 2009
By default dolphin in my Gentoo automatically creates
.directory file in every directory I'am open.
And from other side phone (SE W300i) does not give permissions to write this file , but everytime asks me if I want to do it. And this paranoic behavior could not be turned off.
As a result Dolphin just hangs while open every directory on my phone and waits until I will accept the the incoming .directory file on the phone.
So due to these reasons i decided to use konqueror , which does not created these files by default.
Don't know how to trigger dolphin/konqueror choose in the single script, because it's highly depends on phone model - Aug 10 2009
Thanks for your report.
I fixed the problem in version 0.2 :) - Aug 10 2009
good to hear :)
thank you for collaboration
I will add the recomentdation to use latest version of obexfs if something goes wrong - Jul 24 2009
create in advance /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28
and execute
obexfs -b 00:21:36:62:F7:28 -B 10 /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28


obexfs -b 00:21:36:62:F7:28 -B 5 -- -d -f /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28 - Jul 24 2009
let's try to make obexfs more verbose , because problem belongs to it
try to
create under user dir /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28 , if it does not exist
And execute obexfs -b 00:21:36:62:F7:28 -B 10 /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28

it should generate more output to console ot to /var/log/messages.
Will see what it states

- Jul 23 2009
ok ,
I just read from there
that your user should be in fuse group.
It might be the case ;)
- Jul 23 2009
don't use sudo , run obexfs as user.
and then open then try to open this dir as a user.
Otherwise using sudo you will be able to open this dir only as s root - Jul 23 2009
ok, you log states that obexfs command was completed , but device was not mounted.
could you try to run by hand
obexfs -b 00:21:36:62:F7:28 /tmp/00:21:36:62:F7:28
and could you also tell , if it you was successfull earlier to mount this device in linux? (may be some extra drivers needed) - Jul 23 2009
It seems that something wrong with obexfs installation, because log you send states that obexfs is not found

"/usr/bin/bluemankde4_open: line 9: obexfs: command not found"

could you try run in the console:
1. which obexfs
2. and if command is found
obexfs -b 00:25:CF:57:9A:B5 /tmp/00:25:CF:57:9A:B5 - Jul 23 2009
Russian ID3 tags converter

Dolphin Service Menus 8 comments

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Feb 02 2010
:) пожалуйста. - Feb 03 2010
It seems your system does not have file type association with *.desktop file (it might be windows?! )
To make script usage more clear , I repacked all the needed files in archive and put more description how to use it. Check it out!
- Feb 02 2010
you are welcome:)
will see what elso I will be able to improve here:) - Jun 29 2009