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sergio santos
Windows Vista +vista aero Full pack

GDM Themes by Spelth 21 comments

i agree

not intended to do some kind of discredit to the author..but....

why does someone in his perfect mind transform a beautiful OS like ubuntu into vista???

really, with so much to chose why put my ubuntu like vista????

like i say before...gratz to the author and i appreciate his work, and his disposal to share this with all of us

but honestly, there's so much awesome GDM themes..i cant get it.....WHY VISTA???????? - Jul 15 2009
Pixel Girl

GDM Themes by fabiand 23 comments

i'm not a expert on linux, not even closer but here's how i did it

i extract the file then i go to a console and compress it again but like this

tar czvf [chosename].tar.gz gdm-pixel_girl

then you can install

i think you can just rename it , but i did not try this but if you wanted, do this

in the same folder were the archive is :

mv 18179-gdm-pixel_girl.tar.bz2 [chosename].tar.gz

sry my english
- Jul 15 2009