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Matthias puls
Cat lovers

Wallpaper Other by SilvioTO 5 comments

simple and great...

plus not to overloaded

love that work - Apr 14 2005
fine work...

I guess its supposed to be used with debian?!

i would match the color of the flower a bit more to the logo of debian and ...


but fine so far.. - Apr 12 2005
Natural Grey Ubuntu

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Sevensins 3 comments

I actually could but first i need to know on wich topic

and then its best to send me material for editing

or do you just wanna have a mod for debian - Apr 07 2005
Linux Green II

Wallpaper Other by johnny86 3 comments

its got a really mystic but somehow professional touch to it.

lovley but i would recommend you to create

diffrent versions and include em in a pack.

look @ mywarty papers for example on what i mean.

keep up the good work! - Apr 06 2005
Debian Background

Wallpapers Debian by webanetwork 4 comments

Great work.

unusal for the way your using these contrasting colors but i love the sweet taste you added to the logo.

plus its not too overloaded :) - Apr 06 2005
Warty Final 7SINS Colorful Series

Wallpaper Other by Sevensins 3 comments

the second and third linkare the actual downloads !

have fun using - Apr 04 2005
Ubuntu Warm

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Cybermagellan 1 comment

THX M8 lovley composition
may i point out that this is speaking on language on a totaly new level...

great work....!!!

but get rid of that crazy bump effect and try blend the logo somehow look in the EYE of my CD cover ... - Mar 27 2005
Ubuntu Wave

Wallpapers Ubuntu by Cybermagellan 4 comments

wonderful butlooking @ the style i would say its more kubuntu change colours to warm browns and reds - Mar 27 2005