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artem rudenko Luchegorsk, Russian Federation
Flags from Linux Mint Cinnamon for Xfce

Full Icon Themes by cybercop 1 comment

Excellent. Good job, dude! - Feb 15 2014

Fluxbox Themes by metak 6 comments

A very good and beautifully designed theme. That's what I was missing in fluxbox ;) - Sep 16 2013

Full Icon Themes by AlessandroBompadre 5 comments

700 megabytes after unpacking the archive? Dude are you crazy! The present generation are spoiled volume HDD - Dec 01 2012

Various Gnome Stuff by Lynk 4 comments

Молодец! Тема зачтена;)
П.С. Свои штоль конфиги выложить?.... - Mar 01 2011
Yaru for XFCE

GTK2 Themes
by volex

7 .5
Sep 09 2020