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Apr 06 2014
Thks a million, you have no idea how much of pain not being able to fix issues has been for me and how much your help is appreciated. When I push this to the github repo what name would you like me to give attribution to in the read me. - Dec 22 2013
Hey I'm sorry this wasn't fixed earlier but due to my job I need legal approval for every open source project I contribute to and I haven't got approval for this one yet. I've applied for it and have badgered people about it but I haven't got it yet. However since you were nice enough to fix it for me, thanks btw, I'm fairly sure it won't count as contributing code to upload it to KDE-Apps so it should be fixed as soon as I've uploaded the fixed version and the servers sync up. - Dec 21 2013
I'll have a look into it after work today. - Aug 26 2013
Just patched it there. I'll add another download option to the inbuilt client for dolphin but if you want it now download it form here

extract it and run the install script. The other
fix I gave you won't work. So use this one or wait
for the update. - Sep 22 2012
Hey dude sorry it took me so long to respond been a bit busy.
The reason the copy link isn't working is that I'm sending
the link to klipper KDE's clipboard and you are using dolphin
with unity so aren't using klipper. I'll see if I can find a
more cross desktop environmental way of sending it to the
clipboard and patch it.

If you really need it to work right night try
sudo apt-get install xclip
then open the file
and change line 32 from

exec "qdbus org.kde.klipper /klipper org.kde.klipper.klipper.setClipboardContents "+url


exec "echo \""+url+"\" | xclip"

I'm going to try and find a way of doing this without adding
another dependency but either way I should have a patch out
shortly. - Sep 22 2012
No prob dude that's why I have to find the time to rewrite the plugin in C++ to show people what files and folders are in sync :) - Sep 06 2012
If its publish and copy that's the issue there may be an issue with u1sdtool or the file isn't inside a synchronized folder. Is the file within a synchronized folder eg. the UbuntuOne folder. It looks like it's in home to me which probably isn't synchronized with u1. If it still doesn't work inside a synchronized folder try running u1sdtool on the command line and tell me what you get. - Sep 06 2012
I saw it the first time ;P - Sep 06 2012
Hey dude. It looks like the folder menu is calling the files menu because Synchronize folder doesn't require the ruby script. I don't know why it would be happening unless you system is confusing the MIME file types. Try updating the app inside of dolphin and if that doesn't work. Let me know what distro your running and if you have made any major changed to it and I'l try debug the issue. - Sep 06 2012
You need to install ubuntu one itself. Try
sudo apt-get install ubuntuone-control-panel-qt

The menu is trying to make a call to u1sdtool which
is ubuntu ones commandline client. - Jul 01 2012