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GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 73 comments

Hello, I have modified your (very nice!) theme to have different icons: - Dec 13 2009

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

I commented on this a long time ago. It was great then, but it's improved tremendously. I converted my dad to Ubuntu and installed this without thinking.

In my project, ( I have to use some icons which are unavailable or crappy in most icon themes. Just to let you know, I copied blam.svg, gtk-edit.svg, and gtk-info.svg, and credited you, of course, as Victor C. If I did anything wrong with that, just let me know.

Keep up the amazing work! I'd love to help, but I'm no artist. :)

(This should be default in Ubuntu!) - Jul 06 2009

Full Icon Themes by perfectska04 824 comments

Wow, lots and lots of nice, clean icons. I don't think there's one bad icon in there at all. For those that haven't, I strongly encourage you to look through these icons after unpacking/installing, especially those under 'devices' and 'apps' :).

Maybe for those who really love them, how about custom icons of their favorite distributions/desktop environments? :)

Thanks a lot. - Oct 29 2008