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Dmitryi Urvantsev

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Feb 11 2014
May add to the trial version of the Google market (even with a week duration) so that you can see? Do not want to buy a pig in a poke, suddenly it does not work. - May 24 2013

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by zuzuf
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May 14 2013
Thanks for fixing utf8 problem! Nice work! - Feb 22 2011
Here's a picture under my Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows 7 - Feb 18 2011
Updated. Unfortunately the problem remains. I'll watch for updates. - Apr 04 2010
In Windows XP sp3 when you connect to the server instead of the folder name question marks and inside the folder is empty (tried to share folders with Cyrillic in the title and with English, too, besides trying to will join via browser and Fillezilla with the change of character sets). I apologize for my English. - Feb 16 2010

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Jan 17 2013
Not bad still in in adjustments of groups to add a folder for relocation after file downloading, adding of the extension for files not loaded to the end (.part for example that at creation of miniatures for example video files such files were passed), well and labels (and creation of folders on the basis of labels).
I apologize for my English. - Nov 05 2010