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John Walker Corapeake, United States of America
GnoMenu 2 Concept Mockup

GnoMenu Skins by technoshaun 14 comments

hmm... I've thought about making just icons instead of words for the menu that goes with my "Linux Glass" buttons I'm getting ready to release this week. Too bad you guys are thinking the same as me lol.

Anyway, it would be difficult to steer away fron a vista menu because it's pretty comfortable by now and easy. But I think i may have a few designs I could throw around that would be pretty comfortable for people. I don't exactly want to give them away to everyone as i would like to create them. But if Interested I could probably give some basic mockups.

Anyway I do like your thinking. I say don't give up on the vista menu quite yet but go ahead and create the one your thinking about making and use it for default.

P.S. Is there a way for me to add a "computer" menu to the main menu area instead of opening in a new window and is there a way to stick the first two internet options to the top? yes or no answers will help(i'll do the research on my own as it's for testing anyhow). - Dec 29 2008
Ubuntu Sharp Button

GnoMenu Skins by SignalBackZero 7 comments

hey, thanks for your feedback I appreciate it. By smaller do you mean sized for a smaller taskbar or should it be smaller in width? and by different look would you like to see other colors or different styles such as less gloss and more of a squareness instead of slightly rounded edges or just flatter looking? If you could give me a few hints that would help abunch thanks again! :)

John - Dec 18 2008
Ubuntu Sharp Button

GnoMenu Skins by SignalBackZero 7 comments

firstly you must be using the "Gnome" desktop for "linux". Secondly you must install "Gnomenu". then you right click on the "panel" and select "add to panel".
select "gnomenu". Then right click on the menu image that appears on the panel and select "preferences". select the tab labeled "Panel Button". Then select a button image. click ok. then select reload if the popup asking for reload comes up.

Hope that helps!

John - Dec 17 2008
Linux Glass

GnoMenu Skins by SignalBackZero 14 comments

hmm... that's odd. I packaged it as a .tar.gz and that's what it says it is when I check the "type" area under properties. Dunno but glad you got it open :). - Dec 16 2008
Linux Glass

GnoMenu Skins by SignalBackZero 14 comments

The picture clearly shows what the button will look like. Should you not like the windows look then why download? but if you have some constructive feedback i would like to hear from you.

please tell me what type of start button you would like to see and I'll make it.

thank you,
John - Dec 15 2008
WindowsXP Green

Beryl/Emerald Themes by wildblue 9 comments

I think you did a good job at replicating the style etc...why people are marking it down I dont know. - Dec 15 2008
Broken Vista GDM Theme

GDM Themes by zuhi 11 comments

I noticed no one has done a broken theme yet and right when I was about to get started on a full on system theme for (broken windows) someone already started in on it.bummer, but good job! lol - Dec 15 2008