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Marcin s Krakow, Poland

Science by gerlach 78 comments

I think there is a big problem with non-linear fitting rutine (however maybe there is a problem with gsl>=1.6 library that is used by labplot and qtiplot). If you fit a function to experimental data, parameters are propely estimated but standard deviation is absurdal big (even a few orders of magnitute larger than it should be). Has anyone encountered such a problem? It also regards qtiplot. I use Ubuntu Breezy, but replacing packages with Debian counterparts or compiling from source (labplot and libgsl) does not solve the problem. Strange. - Dec 28 2005

Science by vasilief 347 comments

I used to search for any good pogram on ploting charts under linux. From all soft like grace, labplot, rlplot etc. I found this one is the best choice for users that want to perform anything associated with ploting under linux. If the program had the possibility to split equations used for non-linear fiting into several parts it would be absolutely fantastic software. Real good job!!! - Oct 10 2005