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Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi Justi,

Thanks a lot for this new excellent release.

As soon as Ubuntu Lucid Lynx is released (that is, at the end of April) I am going to test RecordItNow on it (I will work on the Gnome desktop).
I would like to translate its GUI into Italian, in order to send you the Italian strings :-)
Naturally, I am going to write you in case I find out some little bugs to fix.
Most of all, I am going to sponsor you the remaining part of my sponsorship for RecorditNow :-)
In the meantime, THANKS again for your work

Best regards,

Silvio - Mar 06 2010

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi Justi,

I have just find out a new open-source application which could be useful for getting "inspiration" for RecorditNow.
Its name is Key-mon and it runs fine on Linux.
Maybe you already know it.
However, the link for its web-page is:

Next year I will start testing RecorditNow on Ubuntu Lucid.
The first Lucid's beta has been already released :-)

I have not forgotten my promise about my sponsorship ;-)

In the meantime, MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL RecorditNow users.


- Dec 17 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi justi,

Thanks a lot for all your screenshots.

I didn't know about a "Meta-key" in the keyboard because, at least in Italy, I haven't ever seen any (maybe because I mostly work on Windows).
I had to "google" a bit in order to read what the "Meta-key" was :-)
Maybe, having this shortcut, as default, could be a problem for zooming for strangers like me.
This being said, it is true, as you have clarified, that it is possible to change manually all shortcuts.
This option is always great because it really increases the usability (and it doesn't force an user to learn too many shortcuts...).
In the end, an user without the Meta-key buttun on his keyboard could choose to use another shortcut.

About the zoom-in option, I only hope the icons in the screen won't be "pixeled" too much (zooming-in into imagese always gives this problem...)
The only answer to this question for me is to try RecorditNow on Gnome :-)
I am going to do this as soon as the first Betas of Ubuntu Lucid are available (I think we are talking about mid-March 2010).

justi wrote:
>That's no problem if the circle can be displayed during record and not just in the video.
Otherwise recordmydesktop needs a patch.

Well, I don't want to force you to learn C.
Even though I think it could be useful for you to know it ;-)
Joking aside, if the size of the semi-transparent circles, which are around the mouse's cursors, can be manually modified by the user, as you can do with Camstudio 2.5, I think it is not mandatory to patch RecordmyDesktop (if these circles "disctract" you when you record you can, quite simply, decrease their size).
All in all, an user must not be forced to use this option with RecorditNow(at work I use it often with Camstudio but, maybe, it is just me...).
Lucid Lynx is still far away.
Let's wait and see what can be done :-)

Usually, I play my videos with Vlc media player ( because it works both on Windows and Linux (and Mac).
Consequently, I hope all these circles will be displayed fine with Vlc :-)

Best regards,

Silvio - Nov 28 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi justi,

I have just donated the first 100 euros (on Friday, 21.30 p.m.).
Well, actually they were 150 $ :-)
On Sunday I am not at home to do so ;-)

justi wrote:
> I draw a small LED next to the mouse cursor, which changes the color

THANKS a lot for the nice screenshot :-)

To recap (but keep in mind my previous message), in case you are interested, I DO promise I am going to donate you other 650 euros for the other two features, that is:
1. 500 euros for zooming in-out (and for panning in such zoomed window);
2. 150 euros for having semi-transparent circles around the mouse's cursor.
In short, the user must have the option to choose both the semi-transparent colour for the circle for the right and left button and the circle for the mouse displayed on the screen (see such an implementation on Camstudio 2.5 beta).
All these three circles are supposed to being visible ONLY later, when the user re-play the video just recorded (in order to not "distract" this guy, when is recording his video).

Needless to say, if other users are interested in adding something more it would be even better, especilly for justi ;-)
I am sure all these options are REALLY useful.
In my opinion, they will prove a boon for Linux's users (and for Justi's work).

As I have explained in my previous message, sorry to be boring, in case you decide to develop some of these features, I am going to test them myself on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx.
Lucid is supposed to be released at the end of April 2010.
If there is something ready before this release I can test them on the Beta releases of Lucid (I can even pay you, a part of the 650 euros, before the final release of Lucid).

I have chosen to test these features on Ubuntu Lucid Lynx for the following reasons:
1. Ubuntu is the most used Linux distribution nowdays (this is for sure so in Italy);
2. Lucid Lynx is going to be supported for many years by Canonical;
3. Last but not least, I am myself an Ubuntu user ;-)

More particularly, I am going to test RecorditNow on Ubuntu, that is, with the Gnome desktop (not Kubuntu).
I know Kubuntu would be "better" to test RecorditNow, because it already provides KDE as the default platform.
But, to make it short, at work, I use mainly OpenOffice, Firefox, Gimp, Inkscape.
To put it simply, the Gnome desktop is, in my modest opinion, a better choice to run these softwares..

Best regards and, needless to say, keep up your wonderful work ;-)

Silvio - Nov 27 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi justi,

Thanks again for your answer.

This Sunday, I am going to donate you 100 euros through pay-pal ;-)
I have found out the button above which allows me to do so.

As I hope I have made clear, there is no rush to implement anything!
Needless to say, you are NOT forced to do anything :-)
Writing open-source code in your spare time should be a pleasure, not an obbligation!
As I have explained in my previous message, with Virtualbox, I can use Camstudio for recording videos on Linux and this already suits me :-)
All work you have already accomplished so far on Recorditnow is already great.
Everybody should be grateful for that.

This beig said and clarified, I would like to donate others 500 euros in case you implement the options to zoom in-out and pan.
This gives the 600 euros I promised (100 donated this Sunday, plus 500 at the end of your work).
Needless to say, if others users are willing do donate more money for these two options it is even better :-)

In short what I would like to have is something like that:
1. You start Recorditnow and begin recording.
1. you open, let's say, Gimp or Inkscape (where you can't "fake" easily the zoom effect, as you can instead do with, e.g., OpenOffice where you press the button CTR plus the wheel of your mouse).
3. You zoom in (and out) thanks to a shortcut of your keyboard.
For example, by pressing something like CTR + or CTR - (like you do in the Gnome Terminal to zoom in and out).
4. when you are satisfied, you pan at will this enhanced (zoomed) window to reach the zone you want to show.
For example, by pressing the space button of your keyboard and the left button of your mouse (like you do with Gimp to pan within images).
5. you zoom out to get back to the normal size.
For example, by pressing the ESC button of your keyboard.
With the freeware Zoom-it, on Windows, you can do, very easily, all these things :-)
With Zoom-it you can even write with different colours and fonts.

Before donating the remaining 500 euros I just want to make sure that both these features will work fine with next long term release of Ubuntu (that is, Lucid Lynx) which is planned for April 2010.
Ubuntu, like it or not, is probably the most used Linux distribution nowdays.
I am pretty sure Lucid Lynx is going to rock :-)
On top of that, Lucid's support, by Canonical, will be extended over many years.
Consequently, every Ubuntu's user coulde use RecorditNow for many years :-)
Needless to say, I am confident Recorditnow will work also on the other Linux distros (Debian, Fedora and so on).
This will make me even happier!

As a boon, if it will be possible to have all the options, which are available with Camstudio 2.5 beta, to surround the cursor with a semi-transparent circle I promise I am going to donate you others 150 euros.
With Camstudio my workflow is the following:
1. I choose a semi-transparent colour, picking it from a list of them (e.g. I often choose the yellow). This, in order to surround my cursor with a circle.
Needless to say, I can also choose to not use any circle!
This semi-transparent yellow circle is only shown when I play later the video.
The circle is NOT shown when you record your video (in order to not distract with its presence the guy who is recording).
2. I choose a semi-transparent colour (e.g. green) to surround my cursor when I press the left button of my mouse.
Even this circle is only shown when I play later the video just recorded (not while recording).
3. I choose a semi-transparent colour (e.g. purple) to surround my cursor when I press the right button of my mouse.
Even this circle is only shown when I play later the video just recorded.

On Flicker, today, I have uploaded a short video, about Camstudio, with these 3 options enabled (you can find it here:

To sum up, as promised, this Sunday I am going to donate you 100 euros.
In case you wish to make available the options to zoom in-out and pan and, as long as they work fine with Ubuntu Lucid Lynx, I am going to donate you others 500 euros.
On top of that, in case you wish to develop the options to choose circles, with semi-transparent colours, for mouse's cursors, I am going to donate you others 150 euros.
Making a bit of math 100 (on Sunday) +500 (for Ubuntu Lucid) +150 (for Ubuntu Lucid) gives 750 euros.

Don't get me wrong, I am totally aware 750 euros is not a lot for all these features :-(
Nevertheless, I do hope someone else will add, to the box, something more :-)

In the end, I DO hope RecorditNow will be the default recorder for ALL Linux distros (not only Ubuntu...).
I even wish RecorditNow will be added in Kdenlive, which I like very much, as the default recorder.
At present, with Kdenlive, it is already possible to record videos by using Recordmydesktop. I suppose kdenlive's developers chose the version with QT libraries.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

- Nov 25 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments

Hi justi,

First and foremost, THANKS again for your work on RecorditNow.
Trust me, It is REALLY appreciated. At least by me:-)
I am a Linux beginner, nevertheless, I am sure RecorditNow is going to be really useful.

At present, to my knowledge, on Linux (I work on Ubuntu Karmic) there is not a software which is on par with Camtasia (probably the best software to record videos on Windows).
Unfortunately, on Linux, to my knowldege, both Recordmydesktop and Istanbul have not an active developer nowdays.
For Recordmydesktop, Martin Nordthols ( made some work in the recent past. But now Martin is working "full time" on Gimp (and Gegl).
On the contrary, on Windows, there are many choices for recording videos (I have tried many of them).
Camstudio 2.5 beta, for instance, is, in my opinion, better than recordmydesktop (sorry to say so...).
For example, to explain why, with Camstudio, you can choose a colour for creating a circle around your cursor's mouse :-)
When, for example, a video is recorded without the audio those circles are really helpful :-)
Thanks to these options, when recording, you don't need to say every time the sentence "Press the right button" because there is already the colour of the circle which is good enough for your viewers :-)

At work, I use Windows xp professional sp3 and I record my videos with Camstudio.
Even for Linux (that is, Ubuntu Karmic in my case), for recording videos, I use Camstudio :-)
This through Virtualbox 3.0.8 (if you are interested in knowing more about my workflow, see this blog:
Ian Ozsvald, a British guy, is now writing a book about making screencasts (in his blog about screencasts he quoted "my" workflow).
Ian is the co-founder of ShowMeDo a web-site ( where you can download for free plenty of cool videos.

To make it short, even though there is not a roadmap avilable(I have read your previous message)I am pretty sure there two features you are probably thinking to implement :-)
Every software to record videos which aims to being "serious", in my opinion, must have both of them :-)
That is, Zoom in-out and Pan, which are currently not possible with recordmydesktop :-(
Not even Camstudio allows both of them :-(

I don't know if it is possible but I would like to "sponsor" these two features.
I could pay you 600 euros for having both of them (I could "pay-pal" you or something like that).
Don't get me wrong, I know 600 euros is probably not enough.
I suppose these two features are not easy to develop. In addition, perhaps, they are too much time-consuming to being developed.
Even though they are long overdue in RecordmyDesktop, maybye, they won't ever be implemented :-(
Unfortunately, I am a private Ubuntu user and, in all truth, I can't afford more :-(
I am not Bill Gates or Mark Shuttleworth (the Ubuntu founder) if I can crack a joke about that :-)

Maybe, there is someone else who is reading this blog that is willing to add something money more for these two features?
Naturally, there is not rush to develop them :-)
Maybe you have other sources of income to sponsor RecorditNow.
Needless to say, I am sure both Zoom and Pan will make a lot of people happy :-)
You will have their gratitude for ever :-)
I am not a developer but, maybe, you could "steal" some code from another software, that it, stillsdv (
Stillsdv allows zoom and pan for pictures. His developer is now willing to port it on Kdenlive.

When I record videos on Windows with Camstudio I use a Microsoft freeware named Zoom-it (its web-page is:
With Zoom-it you can zoom and pan (you can even write a text with different colours and fonts!). Zoom-it is pretty easy to use and for me is just fine.
With Camstudio and Zoom-it, while recording on Windows, I do pretty much the same as I could do with Camtasia.
Both on Windows and Linux you can "fake" the zoom effect by pressing, at the same time, the CTR button of your keyboard plus the wheel of your mouse.
Whith softwares such as OpenOffice or Gnome Terminal this works fine.
For other softwares, such as Gimp or Inkscape, this is not possible. In short, you need a "real" software to zoom in and out (and pan in such enhanced window).
Naturally, you could zoom and pan your video afterwards with a video editor.
Unfortunately, on Linux, Kdenlive, which I am trying to learn, doesn't allow it (maybe in the future...).
I know I could use Lives instead but Kdenlive is really user-friendly.
Besides, post-processing videos, is really time consuming...
I even thought about using Wine on Ubuntu to run Camstudio 2.5 and Zoom-it but in the end I gave up because I am really a Linux beginner (and Wine is not always user-friendly with me...).
Unfortunately, I hardly know how to compile a software :-(
Most of all, with Virtualbox, I can use Camstudio instead of Recordmydeskop and this suits me: as I have already explained on and on I do love to colour and surround with circles my mouse's cursors :-).

I am looking forward to reading your answer :-)

I hope I have not been disrespectful in proposing to offer money through pay-pal or something like that :-(
All in all, with many open-source softwares this is possible (e.g. Ardour, on Linux and Mac, lives only thanks to its users' sponsorship).

Thanks a LOT for your work :-)
Keep it up!

Best regards,

Silvio - Nov 24 2009

Screen Recorders by justi 120 comments


First of all THANKS a lot for this wonderful application.

I would like to know if there is a roadmap for recordit now?
I think this software is really promising and I would like to know something more about its future development :-)

Not knowing if is already planned I would like to suggest a feature request.
In short, it would be great to have an otption to highlight the mouse's cursor with a circle as you can do with many softwares.
On Windows, for example, with the open-source software Camstudio ( you can decide to create a circle around your mouse cursor in order to improve its visualization when you are recording.

With Camstudio 2.5 it is also possible to select a colour for a circle which is shown when you press the right button or the left button of your mouse.

For example, when I record videos with Camstudio I have chosen a yellow circle which surrounds my cursor.
In addition, I have chosen a green circle which appears when I press the left buton and a purple circle which appears when I press the right button.

All these circles, in my opinion, are really useful to better explain what your are doing while recording.

Best regards

Silvio - Nov 22 2009