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How hard would it be to implement menu shadows according to the scheme that Martin wants? Don't you just have to provide the 8 pixmaps? Even if it's not ideal, it'd be nice as a stopgap. - Aug 27 2011
Would it be possible to have menu-items fade out like in Windows XP? That is, when you select an item, the rest of the menu disappears, but that item remains behind and then fades, making it clear which item was selected. I believe this would have to be done on the toolkit level because of the way menus are implemented in X. - Aug 29 2009
It needs to go to 11, of course ;). - May 14 2009
Would it be possible to reduce the size of toolbars and toolbar buttons in Firefox? As it stands now, the buttons are huge, which makes the toolbars take up way too much space. Tweaking the QtCurve gtkrc does nothing to alleviate this problem. As such, I end up using a modified Clearlooks just for Firefox.

The problem, I know, is that Firefox uses regular buttons for toolbar buttons, but certainly this could be addressed with some special case code? - Apr 02 2009
The menubar height issue seems to be fixed in 0.62.4, but when menubar items are highlighted, they have a smaller highlight box, i.e., one with less padding. I tracked down the issue to lines 4275 and 4279 of style/qtcurve.cpp. I commented those lines out and now the highlight boxes look the way they used to. - Mar 15 2009
Is it possible make the menu bar in KDE 3 apps not be so thin? It was thicker (taller) before and now it is thin and there is no option to change the sizing.

Also, you cannot click on a menubar item to close the menu anymore. You have to click outside the menu altogether. This is different from the behavior of other themes and toolkits. - Mar 13 2009
Yeah, that did it. Thanks!

While I'm here, I was wondering if there's a way to reduce the large amount of extra space in toolbars on Firefox? Changing the gtkrc for QtCurve doesn't seem to have any effect. Furthermore, other apps, such as gedit, do not have quite so much extra space (though still more than I'd like). - Jan 02 2009
The background of menus is now the same as the window background, so I have a gray menu beckground instead of white and there's no way to change it. Can this be rectified? - Jan 01 2009