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jeff Ely , United States of America
Ribbons Two

Wallpaper Other by SirJelly 5 comments

i see what your talking about. the goal of this one was to get better color contrast, the last one looked to washed out, and i couldn't really work with what i had so i started fresh, this one has more eye pleasing features.

im still playing around with the concept, perhaps a 3rd one will come in the future. - Feb 20 2009

Wallpaper Other by SirJelly 3 comments

does anybody else notice that one of the ribbons is overlapping another one just SLIHGLY.

its enough to bother me, but should i bother to fix it and re-upload the images? - Dec 27 2008
Hole in the sky

Wallpaper Other by alfonex 8 comments

incredible shot.

was the camera inside the plane? how did you avoid glare from the window and what not? - Dec 16 2008
cube o' tubes

Wallpaper Other by SirJelly 4 comments

all i can say is "you are an idiot".

do not try to login, do not try to create an account, do not click on anything except the "click here to start download" and it WILL WORK, except in the incredibly rare case that the mediafire server is down. - Dec 16 2008
Red Green Blue

Wallpaper Other by ChojinDSL 14 comments

i like this one. alot

but how did it look on two monitors?

this image doesn't seem like its one that looks good chopped in half.

anyway...good work - Nov 06 2008