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Jan 08 2013
This often, but not always, happens to me with Kubuntu 10.04. (kpackagekit 0.5.4-0ubuntu4.3, libpackagekit-qt-12, KDE 4.4.2.)E.g. right now "Simulating the update - " shows "Waiting for service to start", it's been that way for an hour. [Cancel] is grayed out, I have to kill it :-(Often when it's waiting for service to start, it is after the plasma panel has announced upgrades, but I've started KPackageKit myself from Kickoff.What's the service that KPackageKit is waiting for? I've tried `sudo /usr/sbin/packagekitd`, that doesn't help. What's the best way to restart that service in Kubuntu? - Sep 19 2010