KDE 3.3 Gear

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Tifauv 8 comments

there is no or a small antialiasing on the image...

i know it took very long to render a big version with good antialiasing but it looks much better with...

threshold 0.001
depth 3-4
and maybe recursive
it should be take very long by the glass, but it will realy look better...

all together: good work... and work on... - Nov 29 2004
Aqua Slackware

Wallpaper Other by adrenalize 9 comments

there are deffinitly too many slackware users here ;) and only a few gentoo :(

maybe because the most gentoo users say, they dont need to mod their desktop and dont use kde-look as much as slackware-users for example... - Nov 20 2004
Pompei - Naples

Wallpaper Other by vandalo 1 comment


i like your pics. they're really cool and very good quallity. And they are for a 1600screen :D

worke on, make more pics and post them ;) - Nov 19 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

- ok... so i see i'm not the only one you hase such a cpu load ;)
i'll see, what i can do ;)

- For all the people who want an other playermodule: download 1.3 there is the code for xmms,amarok,juk,noatun. you only have to change the commands (but superkaramba is very easy ;) )

- And another small info... theas days i have some problems with my server... if you cant download the files don't worry... try it at least sunday. i think than the server will be running around the clock again. - Nov 18 2004
Distro Challenge: gentoo

Wallpaper Other by skullbooks 3 comments

it's the new version of systemtux ;)
1.3 you can find it by search or my posts.
it's the clock module, the system and the amarok module...
(PS: the systemtux.theme is the older version 1.1) - Nov 16 2004

Wallpaper Other by Rvdsar 5 comments

you can't tell me that you use that as wallpaper!!! or have you screen errors? ;) - Nov 12 2004

Wallpaper Other by deep 9 comments

i like it very much. how about a bigger wallpaper? (i'm dreaming of 1600*1200) :D - Nov 09 2004
KDE rocks

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by Shyru 1 comment

i like it ;) that rocks! work on... - Nov 04 2004
Dreamy island

Wallpaper Other by arnonym 2 comments

i know there is many work in it. to render a nice island with povray ;)

but somehow the waves are to big... it seems like a big viscous mass :?

and the downloadserver is realy slow :(

but i like it, the clouds, fog and colors are realy good!

work on... - Nov 03 2004
Blackboard-look chaos (with Tux)

Wallpaper Other by DustyDingo 2 comments

it's not perfect, but somehow i like it... it's a chaos with nothing and the tux... somehow cool i can't describe ?!?

llap skullbooks - Nov 02 2004

Wallpaper Other by flow 6 comments

i like the secound one... its realy cool. good work ;) - Nov 02 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

thx 4 this ;)

i'm hardly working on the next update... but there is also many work at school and so on :( - Nov 01 2004
Take your way

Wallpaper Other by Devilz 1 comment

nice fotograph...

where do you wat to go today? ;) - Oct 31 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by systemx 45 comments

thats the right iconset for my comix style :D

now i'm only looking for the right window decoration ;) - Oct 27 2004

Bootsplash Various by gekko 4 comments

thats a nice bootsplash... i like it. it's very cool ;)

llap skullbooks - Oct 23 2004
Keepin` it simple

Wallpaper Other by HDLM 6 comments

thanks ;) - Oct 21 2004
Keepin` it simple

Wallpaper Other by HDLM 6 comments

i like it... can you make a 1600 wallpaper? - Oct 21 2004
I Love Gentoo! : Part 2

Wallpaper Other by Vanya 10 comments

i like it. it's big, it's gentoo it's a nice idea and it's good quality.
but maybe a blue or a green one would be nice ;)
(maybe changing the red into an alpha-channel so everybody can make his own color
- don't know if that is somehow posible ;) ) - Oct 14 2004
Gentoo Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by 021182 2 comments

a gentoo wallpaper.. long time i did'nt see such a post here.
can you make bigger owns too?
(1024 scaled to 1600 sucks ;) ) - Oct 12 2004
tux swatter

Wallpaper Other by securetty 2 comments

nice idea but it's a little bit too much pixeled
and so it's nothing for a 1600*1200 screen. - Oct 12 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

4all waiting for the next version :(

i'm very busy at the moment (school, etc...)

i have some improvments and some ideas, but at the earliest next week comes a new version... - Oct 12 2004
Another KDE 3.3 desktop.

KDE Plasma Screenshots by wladyx 4 comments

2560x2048 wow... but i cant work with virtual desktop resolution... so i use 1600*1200 ;)
where did you get your wallpapers and witch size do they have?
llap skullbooks - Oct 08 2004
Let's dance!

KDE Plasma Screenshots by arno 10 comments

thx ;) - Oct 08 2004
Let's dance!

KDE Plasma Screenshots by arno 10 comments

nice desktop...
clean and cool. where did you get the background? or where can i get the background from? ;) - Oct 08 2004

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by exorComRu 2 comments

nice background ;) - Oct 08 2004

Wallpaper Other by Nerin 9 comments

looks like suse. is debian. ;)
and i use gentoo. :(

but nice effect. - Oct 07 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

i'll do ;) thanks 4 your post...
i think the next version will be ready this week.
(modules you can select and arrange for yours require) - Oct 03 2004
KPDF 'The Reader'

Various Artwork by Quickly 6 comments

wow... it's one of the best. i realy like it.
it's not adobestyle, it's kpdf and it's very cool ;) - Oct 03 2004
My kde/fvwm desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ben75019 20 comments


nice desktop...
what icon theme are you using?

cu skullbooks - Sep 22 2004

Karamba & Superkaramba by skullbooks 22 comments

*arg* sorry... there was a / too much.
i fixed it ;)

thx skullbooks - Sep 20 2004