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Gustavo Alvarez Burgos, Spain

P2P & Torrent 12 comments

by nihui
Score 82.0%
Feb 06 2016
seems fail build with the latest Qt 5.12

greetings - Jan 26 2019
uo! tnks bro! - Feb 07 2016

any plans for add support for plasma5/Qt5?

greetings - Jan 01 2016
same here in archlinux - Apr 19 2012

Utilities 2 comments

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Sep 28 2016
is possible back to use scalable icons?

greetings - Sep 29 2016
MKV Extractor Qt5

Video Converters 3 comments

Score 58.0%
Sep 28 2016
oh. my fault. need rebuild mkvtoolnix due a boost update

sorry for the noise

line : mkvmerge: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

greetings! - Dec 26 2015
when launch mkv-extract-qt5 5.3.0 (builting with pyqt5/qt5)

libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
libpng warning: iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/mkv-extract-qt5", line 1766, in WorkReply
line = line.split('|')[1].strip() # Recupere la 2eme colonne, la langue en 3 lettres
IndexError: list index out of range
Abortado (`core' generado) -> (core dumped)

python 3.5.1
python-pyqt5 5.5.1
qt5 5.5.1

greetings - Dec 26 2015
Firefox addon for kwallet KDE5

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 26 comments

Score 70.0%
Jul 11 2016
same here. the plugin is corrupt? - Oct 10 2015
KDE CDEmu Manager

System Software 56 comments

Score 71.7%
Nov 24 2017
Hi. any plans to port your app to Qt5/KF5?

greetings - Jan 06 2015

Network 42 comments

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Feb 02 2020
sorry for the last comment, that is incorrect (my fail, don't delete previous sources)

fail build (qnetstatview_source_test1)


you can found me in IRC freenode (same nick) - Jan 13 2014
ASSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 469
Abortado (`core' generado) - Jan 12 2014

in my distribution don't have debug packages for Qt4

greetings - Jan 08 2014
oh. sorry

greetings - Jan 07 2014
ASSERT failure in QList<T>::at: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 469
- Jan 05 2014
then - Jan 04 2014
i'm not coder, but with GDB get:

greetings - Jan 04 2014
only execute

Qt4 4.8.5
libnet 1.1.6
libpcap 1.5.1 - Jan 04 2014


PS: Qt5 get segment fault - Jan 04 2014
it's similar or have more options

greetings - Feb 23 2013

System Software 15 comments

by aarnt
Score 72.2%
May 29 2014
and if only need show one repository? - Jun 01 2013
hello. is possible add filter by repo?

greetings - May 29 2013

Full Icon Themes 70 comments

by frag
Score 74.4%
Jan 25 2014
yes, its need:

the line 29 it's malformed (split in two lines)

to fix need join line 29 and 30 - May 11 2013
"KConfigIni: In file /usr/share/icons/Iceglass/index.theme, line 30: " Invalid entry (missing '=')

Directories entry is too long - Jan 31 2013
sorry. network2.svgz is provided by external package (networkmanager kde applet - Jun 04 2012
highlights notification:
konv_message.svgz (konversation)

plasmoid like NM and Wicd:


greetings - Jun 04 2012
add jdownloader please!

greetings - May 19 2012
amuleKollection for KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 4 comments

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Feb 20 2008
any update with mldonkey support in kde4 version? - Apr 14 2013

Video Apps 75 comments

Score 75.5%
May 26 2013
oks now update. :S

sorry the inconveniences

greetings - Jun 13 2012

have same md5 since 1.7. if compile show v1.7.

sources don't update - Jun 13 2012
please. update Sources to 1.8.1

greetings - Jun 13 2012
Mini Player

Plasma 4 Extensions 142 comments

by Emdek
Score 82.0%
Jul 01 2012
# And those two files show correctly in playlist (except that both lack artist value)?

no. only location tag is correctly. rest of tags show incorrectly (tags from radio stream plays before play mp3/flac archives)

big icon

add these line in cmakelist.txt and build with script (and install)

drop plasmoid into plasma-desktop, open filelist window and... kill plasma-desktop. without "kbug" and plasmoid (show in nothing) trace

open new plasma-desktop... in black wallpaper XD

open mp3 and freeze plasmoid and desktop ( back desktop in 30sec, but plasmoid don't respond).

open .pls playlist and same result. now crash plasma-desktop, but with trace

to back normality need close session or restart machine

please. contact with me in msn. for not refill this post with "trash"

greetings - Jan 16 2012
sorry, HATE gstreamer and VLC. only use mplayer

flac tagged:
mp3 tagger:

howto compile plasmoid with debbuger option?. and view output of this

- Jan 16 2012
test GIT version. now back all metadata! (testerday don't work).

but have two "errors". when drag on plasma-desktop, view big icon in the middle of plasmoid. dissapears when open/modif plasmoid options.

and secon is this:

don't show track info like it should (title, artist and duration)

in 1.2 show good

sorry, bud don't have debugger packages for all kde components (need recompile all)

greetings and thanks for your work! - Jan 16 2012
no, no only duration. all metadatas missing

in 2.1:
sl1pkn07@sL1pKn07 ~ $ qdbus org.mpris.PlasmaApplet /Player GetMetadata
time: -1
sl1pkn07@sL1pKn07 ~ $

in 1.2:

2.1/2.0 kill plasma-desktop

with plasmoidviewer

with plasma-desktop - Jan 16 2012
probe GIT and still dbus GetMetadata fails

don't probe 2.0 why broken my desktom. 2.1 depend of days :S (now broken (need restart), 3 hours before working)

only working with 1.2:

use phonon 4.6.0 and phonon-mplayer from git

all in kde 4.8-RC2 and Qt 4.8 in Archlinux (kde-unstable/testing active)

PD: sorry my english - Jan 15 2012
the dbus GetMetadata information is broken all audio media

sl1pkn07@sL1pKn07 ~ $ qdbus org.mpris.PlasmaApplet /Player GetMetadata
time: -1
sl1pkn07@sL1pKn07 ~ $ - Jan 15 2012
tranks for the update!

i use this plasmoid for listen digital imported radio

is very simply and small. and working with the mplayer phonon backend :3

greetings and thanks! - Dec 01 2011

Webcam & Monitoring 74 comments

Score 85.1%
Oct 01 2019

MOE MOE KYUN~! - Nov 27 2011
please. share wallpaper :3 - Nov 27 2011

Network 4 comments

Score 67.1%
Aug 03 2017

is possible add tab for the current bandwidth for each connection? (like iftop)

greetings - May 13 2011
Wicd Client KDE

Network 90 comments

Score 85.9%
Feb 07 2013
thanks!! - Sep 09 2010
KDE Partition Manager

System Software 104 comments

Score 74.7%
Sep 01 2010
hello. howto format and partitioning disk with 4K sectors with this program?

i have WD EARS device (4K sector)

greetings - Sep 03 2010
Drop To Imageshack

Plasma 4 Extensions 19 comments

Score 50.0%
Jul 07 2009
+1, in archlinux :S - Aug 26 2010

Network 113 comments

Score 84.1%
Jan 17 2011
yes, the translation fix (thanks), but the install executable (/bin/kdropbox) no, need install by hand (or modify makefile)

greetings - Jul 15 2010
hello, the translation part of makefile is broken

don't define install/uninstall path - Jul 14 2010
fuck. :S. yes, 100%, is broken

the original makefile:

the broken makefile generate by qmake:

DP: how to edit the post?¿?¿ - May 23 2010
WOW. sorry. fail my system. im repeat the process and works good

sorry for this

PD:lo siento se le fue la peonza al qmake. ahora me ha generado el makefile correcto. siento la molestia - May 23 2010
the makefile is broken (paths of archives and the executables)(for my distro)

make: *** No hay ninguna regla para construir el objetivo `/usr/lib/qt4/mkspecs/linux-g++/qmake.conf', necesario para `Makefile'. Alto.

need execute "qmake"

but the makefile generate broken the part of makefile needing for install the program

you makefile:

the makefile generate by qmake:

need fix it

my QT is 4.6.2 (archlinux 64 bits)


PD: las paths de los archivos están mal configurados en el makefile. se necesita hacer de nuevo un "qmake" pero el makefile generado también esta roto, ya que borra la parte de las reglas de instalación de los archivos (comparar makefiles posteados). se necesita arreglar

saludos - May 23 2010
hello. the makefile (section install) is broken

only install the .desktop archive. not install executable and translators

buenas. solo instala el archivo .desktop. no instala ni el ejecutable ni las traducciones

greetings - May 21 2010

Webcam & Monitoring 101 comments

by apol
Score 78.6%
Dec 09 2010
hello. is possible add other video backends like mplayer?

greetings - May 24 2010