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Slavko ???

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Dec 21 2012
...but i do't know what is "Time machine".

What this apps does? What it requires? etc... - Sep 10 2011
GRUB2 Editor

System Software 115 comments

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Jul 25 2018
I do not take detailed inspection of the sources, i only see the source tree, but here is not nothin about translation templates, it is in plan? - Mar 07 2011
Ocean (Preview concept)

Icon Sub-Sets 1 comment

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Jan 30 2011
nice :-) - Jan 31 2011

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Dec 24 2011
Nice job! Thanks

I have published Debian testing amd64 package, anyone can take it from

regards - Jan 10 2011
EasyWake - Wake on lan manager

Network 9 comments

by MBex
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Jun 19 2011
and i forgot to mention: nice will be provide app's icon and desktop file - Jan 08 2011
As i read in the link provided with icons, the icons are provided: "License: Free for non commercial use." But GPL is for any use.

ad deb package: try move from Build directory to package root and simple use debhelper - Jan 08 2011

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 31 comments

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Jan 03 2011
link to source returns 404 - Jan 03 2011

Notes 23 comments

by Fxrh
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Nov 27 2010
And what about switching from KDE dependency and create it as pure Qt, to make it usable for others, without KDE installed? - Nov 29 2010
nice to know, i will to wait to next release ;-) - Nov 24 2010
It is great work!

IMO only option to start without main window (by autorstat) is missing...

It may be configuration option or command line option, or both :-) - Nov 23 2010

Qt Tools 6 comments

by VdoP
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Oct 23 2010

i try compile and use it (debian testing i386 under VirtualBox):

1, installation instructions (wiki) are bad
2, commit both (trunk and branches) is not very good idea, but works
3, cd to source don't works, the branches/razor-reborn directory don't exists
4, compilation success under trunk/razorqt/ and under trunk/ too
5, install success (maybe)
6, first login fails with message "Xession: unsupported number of arguments (2)"
7, uninstall success ;-)

regards - Oct 20 2010
Thank for quick reply ;-)

OK, link works now.

And you are right, i am interested about this project, but i can't help as developer. I am KDE user for years, but i am not using all the KDE environment, because i love to be free :-) then i use a lot of independed apps - the mix of GTK and Qt apps.

When i first read about antico, the project was stopped, but is is nice (for me) to have Qt environment. I must tell you one thing – idea about independed tools in DE is very, very nice for me!

One other question – what about dualhead, or better nVidia xinerama support? With many others WM (FluxBox, FVWM, OpenBox, XFCE, ...) i go to problems with this. They all works, but... - Oct 18 2010
i want to see, what and how is develloped in this project.

Your SVN comments are nice:
"modified , text changed" :-D

and link to SF don't works:

There was an error processing your request ...

Group not found for name: razor-qt - Oct 18 2010

Notes 10 comments

by kahal
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Aug 21 2011
> You talk maybe about Nepomuk ?

of course nepomuk :-)

>What is the problem with google support ?

No problem here, only i don't want unused service

> and import basket's baskets? Not planned for the moment.

:-/ i use basket long time and have lot of information in it (cca 30 MB tree)... - Oct 05 2010

seems to be nice, but depends on akonadi, which i have stopped by default. Must depends on it?

Is possible build it without google support or is it hardcoded?

And wish - is possible to set to create items in % width (100% for me) and import basket's baskets? - Oct 04 2010

Utilities 67 comments

by micko
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May 25 2010
I have created the amd64 debian package for ManDVD 2.5-4 (,com_docman/task,cat_view/gid,35/Itemid,84/)

And i have one sugestion. If I save the slideshow project, the file is saved in the ISO-8859-2:

$ enca project.gib
ISO 8859-2 standard; ISO Latin 2

but my system is using the utf-8, and when I open project from this file the picture titles are broken. When I recode this file to the utf-8, same chars are good, but not all. Is possible fix this behavior? - Jul 24 2008