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James Johnson , United States of America
Bespin Blue - Animated

Be-Shell/Bespin by zammi 11 comments

How do you get your title bar all one color? I've installed bespin svn and imported both the bespin and color theme. But can't seem to figure out how to make the title bar all one color. Running Kubuntu 8.10. - Jan 22 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions by mherbert 196 comments

Love the plasmoid! Just what I needed. Just a quick suggestion. It would be nice if the selections were highlighted as you hover over them. - Sep 11 2008

Amarok 1.x Scripts by attendant 126 comments

Same problem here. No Anyone got a fix for this for debian/kubuntu? - Jan 02 2008

Audio Apps by attendant 84 comments


Thanks for clearing things up. I have modified my transcoderc file for now and is working the way I want. I do believe the best way for selecting a profile would be a setting in the media device configuration within Amarok. It would give the user a choice per device.

Thanks again! - Sep 16 2006

Audio Apps by attendant 84 comments

Yes, sorry for the confusion. I'm trying to use the script via Amarok 1.4.3. I would like to transfer files(flac & ogg) to my iPod Nano in mp3 format.

I try to set the "Selected Profile" via Tools > Script Manager > Transcoding > transKode Configure. I select the profile labelled "amaroK TTMD - mp3" then click on Apply and/or OK. Next I try to transfer files (flac and/or ogg) files to my media device and I always get .m4a files encoded with faac.

If I go back into the transKode configuration the Selected Profile is still set to "amaroK TTMD - mp3" unless I reload Amarok then it defaults back to "amaroK TTMD - m4a". Either way it always encodes .m4a files.

Thanks! - Sep 14 2006

Audio Apps by attendant 84 comments

Does anyone know how to use a different profile than default m4a? I have tried changing the "Selected Pofile" in both 0.5 and 0.6b2 versions of transkode. They always revert back to "amaroK TTMD - m4a". - Sep 14 2006

Plasma 4 Extensions
by metaxy

Jul 21 2009