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Matthias Schoetz , Germany
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May 04 2013
Yes, it would be interesting. But I'm not sure how to do this. Calculating the spectrum is a lot of work - I don't think it could be done during playback (In fact, this would be possible - even on my laptop on battery this is faster than realtime. But normally you don't want a music player that uses 70% cpu-time...
Perhaps something like the moodbar would be possible. I think, it uses some kind of pre-calculated images etc. But this moodbar actually is about 10 pixels high - not enough by far. Nevertheless, I think that it would be worth a try creating a mockup and perhaps this could be an alternative to the moodbar (at the moment I'm not really impressed by the moodbar, but I have not used it a lot yet) - Apr 26 2010
Oh, there could be another reason for this. If someone has this Problem:
You have to invoke antonia from exactly that folder, that contains the /ressouces subfolder. I think I should add a short skript for this issue to the next version. (Soon!)
- Apr 24 2010
You should have a /ressources directory somewhere, that might be empty (except for a small README). Simply copy the content of "/original cmake project/ressources" there.
The reason for this is, there are two different projects - one for QtCreator and one for cmake - and a precompiled Windows Binary in the package but I didn't want to add the same Icons three times, so they are only found in the original cmake project
- Mar 05 2010
Garfield (es)

Plasma Comic Sources 2 comments

by lordt
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May 14 2011
It seems that is no longer updated. Would it be possible to use as alternative source?
It's really fun to learn spanish by reading comics! And I don't think I can pass my next test without them ;-) - Apr 24 2010