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Simonic Mihael Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Utilities 5 comments

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Oct 21 2011
Is Ljubljana ( suppported? It uses the same system, different name. - Jun 13 2011

Plasma Themes 12 comments

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Feb 05 2010
KDE3 nostalgia :)

I just wish your theme have had better support for desktop widgets - Folder View for instance is kinda broken - Feb 05 2010

Plasma 4 Extensions 14 comments

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Jan 01 2010
It works for Slovenia as well.

Thanks! - Dec 30 2009
Crystal Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 124 comments

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Jun 08 2010
Thank you for your support.

BTW: a big surprise named kisiK is planned :)

uncovering some main ideas: - Dec 30 2009
Aug 24 2005 - Sep 5 2009

R.I.P, dear CrystalMonitor. - Sep 05 2009
Yeah... known issue. Well in fact it's yet another plasma-related Kubuntu bug ... I'm sorry. - Aug 22 2009
... is comming! - Jun 26 2009
nastavitveniK (visit CrystalMonitor's webpage) is next generation of both sKiner and loKalizer. It is universal utility for changing CrystalMonitor skins, applying new fonts, rolling back to old versions, and many more in the future :)

Currently I'm looking for new translations. Serbo-Croatian is already on the way. English, French (thanks to: Adrien Futschi), German, Italian (thanks to: Arnaud Yviquel), Polish (thanks to: Ines Zgonc), Slovene and Spanish (thanks to: Diego Agulló Falcó) translations still exist, but they need some updates. If you are interested in translating CrystalMonitor, you can contact me via my profile.

read more: - Jun 01 2009

I'll publish maintenance release... - Apr 01 2009
Can you contact me via e-mail for details ( commenting system inserts some apostrophes, and that isn't good for debugging, I guess).

Basicly I know where the problem is:
SuperKaramba allows only one program to be excluded, so you have to pack more commands in one big one-line command.

I'll send you version for your processor.
- Jan 17 2009
I'm sorry but I cant include this improvement into new version, because I added multi core functionality which conflict with this.

I can still prepare package only for you or better include it to crystal9+ package. - Dec 28 2008
Hi! Thanks for using CM.

It is very easy to configure theme.
Rename cm811.skz to and extract it into new folder.

Open Kwrite and press F11 key to show line numbers - jump to line 58. Change value to "Motherboard temperature" or something like that.
Now go to line 59 and replace "Core0" with "M/B" without quotes of course.

Edit maindata.xml in kwrite and change name from CM 8.1.1 to something other...

Go to the folder where files are extracted and do this:
- press F4 (in Dolphin to show terminal emulator)
- type: "zip -r * cm811mb.skz && exit" and press enter

This is all! Now install package as normal. - Nov 30 2008
Yes I know that. But works corrects only if is runned inside plasma (background, resizing, icons). - Nov 06 2008
Yeah there are some ways to do this...

I made small tutorial for you. Just follow it and all the magic is done. - Nov 03 2008
Here is the way how I generate .deb and .rpm:

Problem is probably in the wrong install places (maybe SuperKaramba powered plasmoids are only for one user mode). Maybe one of plasma geeks can resolve this in a minute :-).
- Nov 02 2008
Yeah I can confirm this bug. I actually tested thing with files already installed, so actually i didn't test .deb as I had thought before I posted deb here. Now I uninstall deb, delete all cm files, install deb, and I also get plain plasmoid on Debian

So possibly there is same problem with opensuse. I use same self-made scripts.

I'll find bug... - Nov 02 2008
Installing it normally should work in all systems:
* Install and configure lm-sensors and hddtemp
* Download it from
* Right click on the Plasma desktop
* Select Add widgets > Install new > From file
* In dialog select SuperKaramba: Karamba desktop theme
* Open cm8.skz
* Close dialog
* Right click on the Plasma desktop
* Select Crystal Monitor 8.0 item from the list
* That is all! So simple!

Can you give me output of kde4-config --prefix or kde-config --prefix, please. - Nov 02 2008
Circles for slideshow

Wallpaper Other 1 comment

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Aug 15 2009
i like it :) especially in the combination with my CrystalMonitor :)

i'm glad to see someone is actually using it - Jun 24 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 813 comments

Score 85.2%
Jan 17 2013
or (it pareses data from link above, and represent it in more readable form) - Jun 14 2009
===Train=== (official site) (unoffical site, parsing data from official and represeting it in much mor readable form IMO)

- capital
- Osrednjeslovenska regija
- Gorenjska (upper Carniola)

You can ask me if you don't understand some phrases ore use Google Translate - Jun 03 2009
wvdial plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 22 comments

Score 58.0%
Jul 11 2012
Thanks :) - May 23 2009
Not downloadable :( - May 17 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 12 comments

Score 73.1%
May 11 2009
Hi, I'm Crystal Monitor developer. I'm interested of including this theme in CrystalMonitor extended package - you can easily switch different CrystalMonitor themes - and forks without need to download themes again...

BTW: I'm working on new version ... which will have a GUI... - May 23 2009

Graphic Apps 61 comments

by koral
Score 68.0%
Dec 08 2009

built by me (Mihael Simonič) on ubuntu jaunty

- Apr 11 2009

Wallpaper Other 4 comments

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Mar 29 2009
very well ...

but unfortunately it doesn't fits as wallpaper... - Mar 29 2009

KDE Plasma Screenshots 4 comments

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Mar 29 2009
I think, that program has to do sth. with remote desktops. However the default Kfrb / Krdc are different. - Mar 29 2009
rekonq Web Browser

Browser 290 comments

by adjam
Score 79.2%
Jan 12 2014
And if we are talking about rekonq I found small bug. Text size is too small by default (go to for instance).

So I tried to change values via Font settings dialog but, this didn't helped ... settings didn't save. - Mar 23 2009

The .deb was built using my plasmoid2deb tool on Kubuntu Jaunty amd64.

I'm sorry but I'm not able to test my packages on original Debian (I like it better), because of several problems with my hardware configuration on it... - Mar 23 2009
I made Debian amd64 package.

You can download it here:

It is also possible to add repository to /etc/apt/sources.list, but I don't recommend this because I'm moving repository to tuxfamily server... - Dec 03 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 397 comments

Score 76.9%
Jan 30 2012
kubuntu jaunty
installed kde 4.2

with all dependences python-kde4, python-plasma

$plasmapkg -i gmail-plasmoid-0.4.plasmoid
Installation of gmail-plasmoid-0.4.plasmoid failed.
- Mar 22 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 445 comments

Score 64.5%
Mar 21 2009

Compiled on Kubuntu Interpid.

Thanks a lot for great plasmoid! - Mar 04 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 2 comments

Score 50.0%
Mar 01 2009
I can send you via e-mail. Basically:

tihs plasmoid just displays brick on desktop and when you move it it automatically falls down (gravitation) and bounce (it is based on bball - only mod. is support for KDE4.2 and different default image; to-do for next version is crash effect). - Mar 02 2009
translatoid for KUbuntu/Debian

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

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Feb 27 2009
I'm only packages. Can you contact original author -

Thanks. - Feb 27 2009
I did this :) - Jan 24 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 284 comments

by dridk
Score 68.0%
Nov 30 2010
Maybe use of flags from Keyboard layout Systemsettings module - Feb 12 2009 - Jan 19 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions 52 comments

by iovar
Score 67.1%
Jan 29 2009
Contact me if you want to get it. - Jan 31 2009
Simply by switching plasma theme. - Oct 31 2008

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 2 comments

Score 58.0%
Jan 20 2009
I was tried of typing the same commands many times ... - Jan 25 2009
SuperMonitor Mod

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Oct 08 2005
I will include this package into CrystalMonitor extended package, so it can be installed via loKalizer script (

Thanks for your using of my work.
- Dec 30 2008
Pardus Monitor 0.2 (Turkish Version)

Karamba & Superkaramba 2 comments

Score 50.0%
May 19 2006
Sadly there is no download link. - Dec 30 2008
I will include this package into CrystalMonitor extended package, so it can be installed via loKalizer script (

Thanks for your using of my work.

BTW: can you contact me (smihael < a t > gmail < d o t > com). I'll be pleasant if you translate CrystalMonitor into Turkish. - Dec 30 2008
Gnomas&Trolas System Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba 5 comments

Score 50.0%
Nov 09 2008
Now included as extension of CrystalMonitor 9 - Dec 30 2008
yaWP (Yet Another Weather Plasmoid)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1198 comments

Score 85.8%
Mar 23 2013
I made it.

you can download and install it from

further instructions are:
- Nov 30 2008
My fancy KDE 4.1 desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots 3 comments

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Nov 29 2008
Go to System settings -> Regional&Language -> keyboard layout.

Configure on your needs and make sure that you have "Show country flag" checked.

BTW I use KDE 4.1.3 @ Debian Sid and that may be difference.

Thanks for comment... - Nov 29 2008

Plasma Themes 14 comments

Score 81.1%
Nov 19 2008
prof and clean
- Nov 17 2008
simple weather forecast

Plasma 4 Extensions 204 comments

Score 62.5%
Dec 26 2009
Same for me on Debian's KDE 4.1.2

Please fix bug. I really want to make .deb, share .deb and use it :) - Nov 01 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions 24 comments

Score 50.0%
Jan 20 2009
... can be found in my repository:

You can enable it by executing following command:
su -c "echo "deb binary/" >> /etc/apt/sources.list && apt-get update"

and then install as ususaly (aptitude install panelshadows)

Or just download:
and install it with dpkg -i command. - Oct 29 2008
Extract And Compress KDE4

Dolphin Service Menus 174 comments

Score 58.0%
Mar 12 2009
I have some very out-off-dated version installed so I've made tar for all those who wants to get this feature...

Check: - Oct 28 2008

Plasma 4 Extensions
by vavrusa

Score 50.0%
Dec 30 2009

Plasma 4 Extensions
by fpuelz

Score 85.2%
Dec 30 2009
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

Score 87.0%
9   Apr 26 2011