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Alexis Flesch , France

Science by snouffelaire 10 comments

Maybe it's called pykde4 : ? - Jan 28 2017

Science by snouffelaire 10 comments

Ps : also, you should add python-kde to the dependences - Jan 28 2017

Science by snouffelaire 10 comments

Done ! Thanks. Could you change the homepage of the project in your ebuild file to github or ? I'm not updating the content here very often. - Jan 28 2017

Science by snouffelaire 10 comments

That's a good idea !

Makes me think maybe I should put this app in another category than "Scientific -> Education".

Anyhow, thanks for your message ! - Dec 29 2015
In the screenlets manager you can add the clock to your desktop. Then, you just right click on the clock that has just been added to your desktop, go to "themes" and you can find all your themes here.

I haven't tried the cpu-meter but I guess it works the same way.

Have fun ! - Jan 10 2010
It depends on your system... To do this quickly (but it is not recommended) you can start nautilus with root privileges and it will let you extract anywhere (open a shell and type "sudo nautilus" or "su -" and then "nautilus", once again, it depends on your linux distribution).

I strongly advise that you read a tutorial on read/write privileges and root mode under linux ! - Jan 09 2010
This package works fine. You just have to unzip it and copy the themes in the right folder. For example on my computer the clock theme goes in :
/usr/share/screenlets/Clock/themes - Dec 28 2009
I don't really know what Qt version I used to do this app, i'm kind of new to python. I just used the PyQt module as well as PyKDE. I'm not home right now so i can't upload the ui file but I'll do it as soon as I can, it won't be very accurate though 'cause I use to make a .ui file and then add some lines after transforming it in a .py file.

About the segfault error, I had one when turning off the computer under KDE while the app was still running but now i'm using Gnome and I don't have it anymore. Anyway, you probably know more about this than I do. - Dec 07 2007
Wow ! I can't believe it, I just posted this yesterday and someone already tried it out ! :-).

Well, unfortunately, I'm not the guy who did the hard work on this. I mean, I didn't do the main programm myself (i.e. mx5000-tools). So if you are experiencing problems installing it you should probably ask Olivier CrĂȘte, the author of the programm.

I personnaly had no problem compiling it, I just had to install netpbm-devel and glib2. And I would add that you probably know more than me about how this whole compiling things work, so sorry but I can't be of any help here. - Dec 06 2007