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ZX Specrtum
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Jan 12 2012
Thank you very much. I was looking for it! I even wanted to use the Java Desktop but this was impossible. But thanks to you it is me:). - Jan 15 2012
Blueprint GTK Engine (Mandriva RPMS)

GTK2 Themes 4 comments

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Aug 05 2010
Thank you very much, I was looking for something like that. I even wanted to install the Java Desktop but this was impossible. When I really forgot about my idea, I decided to use Xfce. After visiting here, I saw it, lol. Quite unexpectedly, I got what I wanted. Before that, I installed the same subject from different creators, who make packages for ubuntu and debian, but I was able to use only the icons, because the theme did not properly displayed. When I used your theme, to convert .rpm to .tgz (as I have slackware) I installed it and everything works. Thank you again. I love the Sun, Java Desktop and CDE:)
I apologize for my English. - Jan 15 2012