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Aug 08 2011
Hi everyone...
Sorry i haven't updated the code in months. I've been on other projects and wrote this to copy music to my mp3 player back when I used Amarak.

I hope you found it useful. I have no plans to update this further. Anyone can feel free to take the ownership for the script and update their own version.

This is free code and I have no claims or even a need for my signature on it... - Aug 08 2011
Thank you so much. I'll definitely add this. - Mar 16 2010

It's in a very beta stage, but it will make a mp3 copy of your flac file on the destination specified. You will need and installed on your system (you probably already have flac - they're small command line programs).

It takes a while to convert each file - 30seconds approximately.

Let me know if you have any issues. - Mar 09 2010
Hi John,
There are no tools within Amarok for conversion, however, it is still a possibility if I call on an external tool.

What OS are you running on? I could do some research on getting this done... but i'd like to look into your platform first ;).

Cheers, Elric - Feb 19 2010