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Nagagutsu Henshujo Tokyo, Japan

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Jun 24 2011
Thanks for the KDE instructions. I'd been using KDE only for a few months, a couple of years ago. I had no ideas what to do with it. Thanks anyway ! - Jun 25 2011

There's another cat theme, a soundset called TalkingCat. But it's for GNOME, sorry.

I usually use GNOME and Xfce. I don't know much about KDE.
KDE is much slower on my computer. - Nov 21 2010

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Apr 10 2011
Thanks, man ! - May 27 2011
Thanks! - Apr 26 2011
Thank you! The words like yours always make me create something new. - Apr 11 2011
Guitar Icons: Instruments

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Apr 29 2011
Thanks! - Apr 30 2011
I'll be updating this in a month or two ... might be three. Anyway, visit here again sometimes. Thanks! - Mar 27 2011
Thanks! - Dec 26 2010
Guitar Cursor: Pick

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Oct 30 2010

I tried to suppose when the cursors go wrong.

Case 1: When you do something as a super user or someone greater, your cursor and themes becomes default ones if you haven't changed your themes as 'GDM'.

Case 2: Some cursor theme might not work in some applications which requires some special cursors. But I haven't been in such a kind of situations before. If you meet some strange actions with my cursor, please tell me what application you used.

In the other cases, I'm sorry I don't know why. - Jan 21 2011
Thanks! - Feb 22 2010
Guitar Systemsounds: Jam

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Oct 24 2010
As I mentioned in some conversations above, this set includes some indistinct-files. But this set beeps on some events where default Ubuntu doesn't. It's good enough for me. Thanks! - Dec 29 2010
Thanks! - Oct 30 2010
I use Ubuntu as main OS now, and sometimes test some distibutions on VirtualBox. There I experienced that a certain sound rings on a certain event in one distribution, but not on the other distro, though both of them use GNOME. It's hard to install and test a huge numbers of distros, so I made a sound files list, as mentioned in a previous questions, omit some suspicious files names from it, then work on the rest. Window-move didn't seem to be so suspicious, that's the reason.

All I hope is that this sound rings when it meet an unknown distribution.

Sorry for the useless answer, and loose English. - Oct 26 2010
Thanks. My sound files names just came from the other soundsets. I downloaded more than half of the soundsets here, unarchived them and made a list of files. - Oct 25 2010
Thanks! - Mar 16 2010
Guitar Xfwm: Amplifier

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Sep 01 2010
Thanks,Arigato Gozaimasu. - Dec 25 2010
Guitar Metacity: Telecaster type 2

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Nov 07 2010
Thanks! - Nov 07 2010
Thanks! - Sep 02 2010

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Oct 17 2010
Yes, I wanted to make a funny soundset. My cat seems to dislike this theme though these are his voices. When the sound rings, he goes away. - Oct 29 2010
Guitar Cursor: Stratohead

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Oct 22 2010
It's complicated.

Each cursors need '.png' and '.in' files. All the pngs are, in my case, 32x32 pixels. '.in' files are plain texts, which contains pixel value, hot spot-x, hot spot-y and png's filename in one line, like '32 1 1 circle.png'. If you want to make animations, numbers of the lines depend on the animation frames. It's like '32 12 1 left_ptr_watch1.png 60', '32 12 1 left_ptr_watch2.png 60', and so on. Value after the png-filename is animation speed in, maybe, miliseconds. You have to make them this way for every cursors. Then put them all in 'YourCursorName/cursors' directory. And cd to its directory and run xcursorgen, like 'xcursorgen bd_double_arrow'. After that, make symbolic links from them.

I put xcursorgen and links steps into one shellscript. All the needed cursors and links' names are written inside.
Look at

Also, don't forget to put the 'index.theme' in 'YourCursorName' directory. - Oct 22 2010
Guitar Xfwm: Telecaster type 2

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Jan 10 2011
I play guitars. I'm not in a band now, too, but I used to. I like to compose music, I have 400 or more songs written, though including a lot of garbages. Jeff Beck is my favorite. Here in Japan, Jeff is so famous, I don't know why. I also like Bob Dylan, Hank Williams (sr.), Booker T., Otis Redding, Django Reinhardt and many others. I love them all. - Sep 02 2010

GTK2 Themes
by SkiesOfAzel

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Dec 13 2010
Victory Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes
by newhoa

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Oct 13 2010
Bob Dylan Tribute

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by anonymo

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9   Jun 17 2012
my desk

GTK2 Themes
by zapata333

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3   Jan 13 2011
Victory Gtk Theme

GTK2 Themes
by newhoa

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9   Oct 13 2010