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Andrius ├ů┬átikonas Cambridge, United Kingdom
Plasma 4 Extensions
Video Players
Bitcoin Monitor

Plasma 4 Extensions 23 comments

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Jul 01 2011
I've commited the required change to git repository:

Can you download a snapshot from there and test it? I am no longer mining myself but hopefully it works. - Apr 02 2013
Pushed. - Jul 15 2011
I've committed this to repository. Thanks! - Jul 12 2011
Thanks! I've made a couple of small fixes to your patch and pushed it to repository in
Feel free to try and test git version :).

I'm not yet sure when version 0.4 will be released. It would be nice if I'm able to fix configure dialog first. It has some strange bugs. - Jul 03 2011
Thanks. I've of course rewritten parts of the code (i.e. I needed a configure window) but having an example was very helpful. - Jul 01 2011
Thanks for the patch. Pushed to git repository, - Jun 16 2011
Try version 0.2 - Jun 15 2011
It seems that "last share time option" can also be added to only allows you to now the number of shares. Since widget only connects to the pool every 5 minutes (though this can probably be made configurable as well), it woudn't be very accurate to calculate last share time for from the number of shares. - Jun 04 2011
I think that I would be able to add last share to BTCguild pool. They provide it in their API, but the other 3 pools not (BTCguild's JSON API currently is the best out of all 4). Ability to configure value in the main widget can also be added. But all this will have to wait till my exams are over. - Jun 04 2011

Video Players 3 comments

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Mar 29 2012
Unfortunately, the only developer who worked on KPlayer is no longer working on it (I am not aquainted with him at all). And I have never really worked on KPlayer too. I've just fixed a few things and made 0.7.1 release which contained some fixes by random KDE contributors. But in practice, KPlayer does not have any developers. Sad but this is true. - Oct 12 2011
GRUB2 Editor

System Software 115 comments

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Jul 25 2018
Thanks for your reply. Also, I would like to ask whether you have considered using infrastructure to host this project (it also uses git, so there shoudn't be much difference from the developer point of view)? I have now looked at kcmgrub2 and it has received much more translations (and a couple of fixes from other people) since the time it has migrated to - Apr 06 2011
This project looks quite similar to, although one is written in C++ and the other in Python... - Apr 01 2011
Grub2 Kcm

System Software 35 comments

by kbios
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Apr 04 2011
Nice to see this project progressing nicely. Continue the good work! Booloader configuration was reallly missing a piece in KDE.

On the side note, wouldn't this project gain much more visibility (including more translations) if hosted in KDE infrastructure (e.g., here: - Feb 14 2011
Lithuanian translation: - Jan 30 2011
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve 340 comments

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Oct 23 2014
I've tested once more and without blacklisting it now doesn't crash but renders with some articfacts.

When it is blacklisted, everything works correctly. - Dec 15 2010
I should probably be saying this in but icecat (on Ubuntu with icecat installed from gnuzilla PPA) crashes with oxygen-gtk theme. - Dec 15 2010
Ink pool

GTK2 Themes
by SpikeyB

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Feb 03 2013
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9   Nov 06 2012
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by jimmy88

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9   Jul 04 2011

by fischer

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9   Jun 03 2011
Grub2 Kcm

System Software
by kbios

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9   Feb 14 2011